Sending Forex Functionality

(christiaan kunneke) #1

Hi Monzo,

Any chance Monzo will get sending Forex functionality? Am currently using Xendpay which is good but be great if was integrated with Monzo.

Look forward to feedback.


(Marta) #2

Monzo hinted integration with Transferwise for current accounts - would that be enough for your needs?
I can’t link any source because I believe Tristan deleted that tweet. :slight_smile:

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #3

"Do you still plan to connect to services like loans and money transfers?

So this is 100% part of the strategy of the business going forward.

We are launching a pretty vanilla current count first because we want to get it live and make sure it’s working.

We will have TransferWise (foreign money exchange) plugged in. That’s the first step towards the marketplace where we bring in new services."

(christiaan kunneke) #4


Look forward to it. Please add XendPay as their rates are fantastic although have used Transferwize aswell.

thanks again.



and Azimo

(christiaan kunneke) #6

Yep Azimo good aswell, just rates not as good as Xendpay aswell. I send a fair amount monthly so naturally tuned into who are best forex providers.

Two way sending from other countries would be make things much easier. Some of the Revolut stuff is really good and think there is a few ideas there that is worth adopting and also for business. Just don’t like there support.

So I am all in once current account launches and look forward to seeing what monzo does then. Excited!