Search history

Love the immediate feedback of incremental search. How about going one step further with search history? ie. no typing required for frequent searches.

Also, is there / will there be a way of easily setting a date range?

Yeah!, we have big plans for our search, basically around three concepts.

  1. Even more powerful syntax. You’ll be able to search by sets of categories, data ranges, amounts and other meta (has:receipt, for example) etc.
  2. Better UI, so you can use the syntax without need to learn it. Probably some kind of toolbar on top of the keyboard that helps you writing the queries, à la Tweetbot or Finder Spotlight.
  3. Export. In case you are not looking for a particular transaction but for an aggregation it does make sense to somehow export all those results.

Very good idea the search history btw, it goes straight to the backlog :slightly_smiling: Thanks!!

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