Scrooge on Christmas Eve?

Don’t know how to add a poll, but do you watch it? if so, which version?

I watch it and it has to be the 1951 Alister Sim version for me

I don’t usually watch any version, although maybe The Muppets Christmas Carol if I was going to force myself.

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Of course :grinning:

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I feel like a bit of an unintentional Patrick Stewart groupie at times as I’ve seen him perform in the theatre so often as I truly think at his best he’s one of the greatest actors alive today and I’ve seen him do his one man version of Christmas Carol on the stage a few times over the years.

All of which is a long way of saying, while clearly hearing Michael Caine “sing” is one of the most iconic moments in cinema, one that will always fill my heart with joy, as such is by far the only version of a Christmas Carol that should be allowed, if my ears cannot take the sound of Maurice Micklewhite murdering Thankful Heart I do have a soft spot for the SirPatStew version.

I always like to watch Scrooged at Christmas. Not quite sure how this version became the family tradition, but we seemed to watch it every year growing up.

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