Saving for a house @ 20?

Having fun? Chill out dude, it’s a forum. And yes that was my opinion, and no I don’t have to name anything else because you want me to. JOG ON.

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There’s no need to lose your temper and be offensive and rude with things like “JOG ON”. We should all be being kind to each other. :slight_smile:

You have your opinion, people are allowed to express a different one! (also nobody said you had to do anything that I can see?)

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Absolutely, nobody denies this! :slight_smile:

By the way, its simple to get two donor accounts. Some banks allow you to just get two instantly online in addition to your existing current account. Then you just set up two £1 charity direct debits for the accounts that need them and then set up standing orders to move the required funds around every month.

There’s no need to wait for each switch to take place either.

Since you did the hard research, all in it’s maybe a a couple of hours work in total spread over a few months for £725.

To claim that’s not worth the effort for the average person is worthy of contesting.


Sure thing amigo. Not sure where you think I’m losing my temper mind you :wink:

And I made that point about things being an opinion already, no? circle circle square?! Take care, be safe!

I’m unable to take advantage of NatWest as I was a previous NatWest customer. I only went for FD as a good middle point as I don’t have a HUGE monthly income.
Thank you for the list though, I’m still going to have a look round and see what’s the best way of bringing in a couple extra bob. Like what @ccoouuss said, 1,000 is roughly speaking 5% of a house deposit. Whack that in my LISA and get a tasty 25% extra on top of that.

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