Running the beta app

Why would people want to run a beta version of a banking app, where the app is pretty much the only way to do something? It’s not like you can call Monzo to make a payment because the app is screwed in some way :thinking:

I may try a beta version of the ECU in my car, just to see what benefits I may get - of course I’d be happy to use the bus or hire a car if it won’t start.

Someone needs to do beta testing, of course - it’s just something I’d never consider for a banking app.

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I have not made the switch fully to Monzo yet so if I encounter a bug I can wait for a fix, I want to help iron out any bugs before making the full switch which is why I didnt mind signing up for the beta :slight_smile:


Fantastic question - one I’m sure many people will be thinking :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The beta app isn’t something for the masses, there is an inherent risk to any beta software (I’m not trying to put you off monzo’s beta :innocent:).

Monzo use the beta channel to test features which might not be completely polished, take the “new navigation” for example :grin: this is a new feature rolling out to a limited number of users, by being on the beta channel those users will see fixes & changes a week before anybody else :sunglasses:

Betas also helps monzo catch bugs on smaller changes :blush: back when custom app icons came about, in beta, they caused the monzo app to disappear on some app launchers. That feature was pulled before it hit the entire userbase and was subsequently fixed and rolled out to everybody :hot_coral_heart:

I sign up to every single alpha, beta, trial and early-access thing I can get my hands on :rofl: sometimes I get bitten but monzo have had a remarkably stable app (despite the beta label!) :blush:


For the same reason I am a crowdfund investor - I want to be more than just a customer of a bank, also being able to play a (small) part in its development

Who is that someone if not me and other volunteers?

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And you can always roll back to the stable version if things ever go full on wonky.


I’m on the beta, and I consider carefully before I sign up to a beta.

Monzo have a fully modern technology stack, making it way simpler to roll back updates and test them first, from my experience I’ve never had an issue with old features going bad, just new ones might not always work.


I like running beta software as I like having the latest, abit buggy, applications. I tested Windows Longhorn many years ago and now I run the latest beta build on iOS, macOS and also Monzo. I have nothing to worry as I have my bank card to withdraw money to roll back to a less buggy version. Even the lastest Monzo design change beta, you can go back to the old way via COps.


Probably with pointing out that while I’m using the beta app, the underlying banks isn’t beta so my card, direct debits and scheduled movements will continue even if the app collapses and 99% of my banking falls into those types of transactions.

As for why I use the beta app, I just like trying new things :grinning: I’d also hope they release betas of the app that don’t collapse, it’s a beta after all, not an alpha.