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So come February I’m going to be moving to Birmingham for a few months (currently living in South Wales) and I’m going to have to start thinking about the ol’ living arrangements soon. I thought I’d do some info-seeking here just on the off chance that anyone had recommendations for sites/services that I could take a look at. I’ve heard that SpareRoom is quite highly regarded, but I wondered if there are other/better options?

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I’ve got no experience here, but Airbnb ?
Someone here said they use Airbnb for abit and if they like it they come to a deal with the landlord for a price longer term cutting out Airbnb.


Yep would definitely recommend Airbnb.

Spare room just takes too much time. With Airbnb you can have a place the same day, and if you like it you can always pay directly after.


Rightmove or Zoopla? Gumtree?

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Thanks for the suggestions, folks :slight_smile:

See if a local newspaper online has classified ads

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@MarcDando I’d say that for a house/flat share then spareroom is the best and only real option.

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