Rising fintechs to watch

Came across MoneeMint today, anyone heard of them?

Think this is probs the most appropriate thread for this.

Opera (the browser) are launching a fintech in Spain. Starting off with a free virtual debit card and the ability to automatically get cash back from shopping online without needing third party tracking.

Who knows if it will survive long enough to come to the UK, and I know I’m in a small percentage of Opera users who’d be using it on day one, but interesting move from them for sure.



[Remus Brett a partner at seed investor LocalGlobe] alongside Passion founder Eileen Burbidge, an investor in Monzo and GoCardless, were among those who helped The Sunday Times select ten British fintech start-ups to watch. They cover everything from compliance automation to digital mortgage lending.

  • ClauseMatch: online platform using automation to help companies manage compliance documentation
  • Copper: institutional custody for digital assets such as cryptocurrencies
  • Ecospend: open banking specialist
  • Fronted: helps private tenants finance rental deposits
  • Laka: provides cyclists with crowdsourced insurance, with users splitting the cost of any claims made
  • Marshmallow: car insurance provider focusing on drivers underserved by the mainstream industry
  • Molo: digital mortgage lender
  • Sugar: financing platform for games studios and app developers
  • Yapily: open banking platform
  • YuLife: life insurance company using gamification to incentivise positive lifestyle choices

Not exclusively fintech, but some fintech’s with Gen Z founders get a mention