Request: Allow setting of 'Exclude from spending summary' and notes via API

As it says on the tin. Would be useful if there could be an endpoint to edit non-financial information on a transaction.

Wouldn’t this be a post? Asking the API to elicit this information so that you can retrieve it?

Because you wouldn’t be editing it directly from source anyway.

I could be wrong, not a developer by trade (and someone who is can tell me that I am) but I don’t think this is a setting in that term.

EDIT: Also it looks like you can already receive notes, have a look here.

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I’m not sure what point you’re trying to make. Retrieval is not the same as editing.

I was trying to understand what you were asking? To retrieve the data from the API, so that you could edit it? That sounds cool, and you can already do the notes side of things by the looks of it.

So you are asking the developers to also show the “exclude from spending summary” as part of the data received.

I actually don’t know who from Monzo looks in here to take this away but @AlanDoe might.

With APIs it’s either/or:

retrieve data (via a GET request)
edit data (via a POST request)

I’m proposing a POST endpoint to allow changes to be made to certain data on a transaction.

Obviously nothing financial so unfortunately I can’t add another zero to my salary, much as I’d like to.

That’s what I thought you were asking, but thanks for clarifying. Good luck with that, I can’t see Monzo allowing someone to edit data stored by them but who knows