Recurring Payments

(David Sulitzer) #125

Can we get a “bi-weekly” option for recurring transactions? (I pay a cleaning company every 2 weeks)


These sorta responses keep confusing me. I keep wanting to say: ‘Just set it to recur every 2 weeks…?’ But then I realise you’re probably on iOS.

How it currently appears on Android.

(Jolin) #127

Is that screenshot from setting up a new recurring payment, or marking a card transaction as a subscription?

(Marcel Ruhf) #128

This is the screen for editing the frequency card payment-based subscription.

(Jolin) #129

That’s what I though. My understanding of @davidsulitzer’s request is that they would like a bi-weekly option when setting up a standing order (though I could be wrong). Is this possible on Android?

(Marcel Ruhf) #130

Ah, that’s not possible at the moment.


That subscription frequency selector looks like it’d be handy for scheduling payments, though…

(James) #132

Sure hope this capability comes to iOS.

Have quite a few subscriptions that are every 3 months, however can only select daily, weekly, monthly and yearly, with no ability to set the number (e.g. every 3 months)…

(Jolin) #133

I have a subscription that’s every 16 days, would love to be able to set that.


What a random amount of days! lol

(Jolin) #135

It matches my coffee consumption (and is adjustable). :coffee::yum:

(James) #136


Just remembered I have an old Android device laying around, so going to try logging in on that device and try to set the subscription info on that device.

Fingers crossed it shows the same on iOS :crossed_fingers:


Oh I’ve seen one. TIM, the Brazilian mobile phone company kept charging and charging. Halifax also told me that there was no guarantee they would stop. I had to manually request a refund from Halifax each time.

The weird thing is, TIM would charge at random intervals. Even changing my card didn’t stop them.

(Jolin) #138

Let us know how that goes. :slight_smile:

(James) #139

Worked out great!

Hopefully in an upcoming update we get the ability todo this natively from the iOS app, rather than having to use an Android device todo this.

(Jolin) #140

Hmmm, good to know. I wonder if it’s possible with the API. I might have a look when I have a chance.