Read-only mode - Updated 20/5

Hey everyone,

We’ve seen a lot of trolling and other unwelcome posts this evening. So we’ve put posting on hold for the remainder of the weekend to let folks cool down.


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Hi everyone :wave:

Myself and @cookywook are still looking into the recent activity over the weekend and taking another day of Read Only before making any changes.

You may notice some changes to the aesthetic of the Community whilst in Read Only. We’ll be moving topics around a bit to make sure this is still a useful landing page for anyone coming to the forum.

Thanks for your patience.

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Hello everyone,

Just to keep you updated - we don’t have a timeline for reopening the forum just yet. But it’ll likely be early next week.

We’re taking the time to make sure that this is a safe place to post and that the conversations remain constructive.

Speak soon!

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