Proving Identity to increase transfer limit should be better

Frustrating experience increasing my limit in order to make a transfer for a mortgage deposit - should be far simpler.

Proved my identity once (photo with ID), which makes sense for security, but i didn’t need to make the transfer until the next day. Told I have to get in touch again to raise the limit and again prove my identity.

Why do i need to prove my identity twice in 24 hours? Surely a flag would make sense to indicate identity proved for that 24 hours (or specified time period) especially considering Monzo knows that i’m logged into the app on my phone and i have fingerprint auth turned on.

The irony is also that the picture i used to prove my identity the second time is the same picture i took the day before, hmmm.


If it is a large transfer (like in your example) I’d certainly want my bank to do an identity check every single time regardless of how long it has been since the last one.

Imagine if they increased your limit, you transferred your money and then your account was compromised over the next 24 hours and the thieves wiped out another big chunk of money. I think you’d feel a lot different about how often they do security checks then :wink: