Prompt to reimburse available balance from a pot when payments made

I’m not sure about how anyone else is using their pots but I use my pots to budget. I have a grocery pot, a rent pot, a spending money, savings pot etc.

All that I leave in my available balance is money Im expecting to go out on direct debits. I do this because I like budgeting my ‘spare’ money and I dont like leaving it all in my available balance JUST INCASE my details get stolen somehow, if its in a pot it seems safer.

When I walk into a shop I very rarely know exactly how much I’m going to spend so I find myself constantly reimbursing my available balance straight afterwards. I just thought that it would save a little time if a prompt came up saying something like this ’ reimburse this £10 from a pot?’ when it notifies me of the payment so I could just click on it and select which pot rather than do a separate transfer and check the value later on.

For example… I have money set aside in a pot for presents for someone’s birthday, I make a purchase in a gift shop, instantly I get the payment notification and can click ’ reimburse from pot and keep my available balance at the level I want it…

Hope this makes sense, I would personally find it useful.


I think an option in the view once you click on a transaction, rather than a notification would work well

IFTTT is your friend

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