PlayStation 5

Keep stock informer minimised, I believe you can also get it to work on your phone too. It’s how I got mine a few weeks back :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I had it open but not consistently. I will keep a closer eye now. :slight_smile:

You can also setup push notifications, so it will popup an alert on your screen when one comes into stock without you needing to look at the website constantly.

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I did that now + I joined their Telegram channel. :crossed_fingers:

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A first look at the PS5 user experience


Press have started to get the PS5 delivered.

Not long to go.


I actually managed to get mine yesterday morning! :tada:

Digital Edition Paid off with Currys - £330 after work discounts.

Ordered straight to a friend’s house which is good for them, they are so excited I would have expected them to camp outside my house otherwise!

Just checked Curry’s…, they are listing it for over £2k… What?!

It’s mentioned above I think. But it’s the system they’re choosing to go through where you’ll get emailed a “discount code” to buy it at normal price.

Trying to limit what people by emailing verification etc

Those who pre ordered for £5 were given a code to knock the price back to RRP.

It’s then validated before they send it out so a clever system. Anyone ordering it now gets the order cancelled.

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Does anyone know yet if the grip texture pattern on the physical controller matches the renderings?

Looks like it here


Awesome! Love that attention to detail!