PercentageMoney management

Hi to all my idea is simple in principle it’s to be able to split different percentages of money coming into your Monzo account to others your other accounts and/or pots automatically, For example:

You preset it so anything over a certain amount deposited is affected, so you set it that anything over £150( just for an example) is affected.

So say £1000 is deposited to your Monzo account (From an outside source)

You set it so 50% stays in your Monzo account (£500)

25% goes to account A (£250)

15% goes to account B (£150)

10% goes to account C (£100)

For clarity these percentages splits would now happen automatically every time and outside source deposits over £150 to you’re Monzo account.

This would be great for money separation as most people have multiple accounts which they use for different purposes, this allows a seamless organisation of your money be that income or otherwise.

If your self employed for example it would allow you to separate your prospective tax off every payment and split it into a separate account.

Many people also have joint accounts with partners or friend where they put in a Specific amount off each pay check.

Being able to do this aside from or In conjunction which the pots feature would really allow people to manage there money more effectively.

Please let me know your thoughts


There is something similar being worked on for the business accounts, splitting invoices for tax contributions ECT so maybe when that is done this idea can be implemented.

Hi Chris thanks for commenting, yer I get it it’s a shame that it would only be for a business account though. If this feature was standard I think it would be very attractive to a lot of people. even if the compromise was they limited the amount splits for the current account to say 4 a pose to unlimited for the business account.

But I also understand why this would maybe not be there go to.