Payment reference bug using iOS swipe typing

Issue: Filling in a payment reference using iOS swipe typing causes the box to fill with the ‘swiped’ word repeated

Details to reproduce: Go to make a payment and swipe a word in the reference field

OS: iOS 13.3
Device: iPhone 6S
App Version: 3.12.0


Hello :wave: @sghtjbi

Thanks for pointing that out, I just tried it and it’s actually quite funny, neither the less I’m sure that t will get crushed after Christmas,

I think they have done all the bug fixes for the festive period. However I can pop a line in the in-app chat for ya!


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What a shame there’s no more releases before Xmas. Where did you see this?

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This was 12 days ago. :slight_smile: So there’s no releases expected over xmas.


But 3.12.1 is in the works over in TestFlight in iOS :christmas_tree: :gift:

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