Paying for my holiday


I’ve already paid a deposit in euros to an Italian villa owner for a week’s holiday. I’m assuming payment with a Monzo card for the balance will go through OK?


Assume yes, but plan for no. Make sure you have enough in either cash or on another card just in case. Monzo is still in beta :raised_hands:

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In other words, you shouldn’t have any problems making the payment but Monzo’s still in beta so there’s outages every now & then, which is why you should always have a backup.

You’ll see a notification in the app if there’s an outage but you can also check that there aren’t any issues here & it’s a good idea to sign up for SMS notifications on that page too, in case you’re abroad when there’s an issue & don’t have a data connection.


I might not have made myself clear! I’m talking about paying the balance online before I go. I’m doing it through

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Ok, in that case you’ll be fine (assuming there’s no outages :wink:), Monzo works just like any other prepaid card :slight_smile:


I thought as much.Excellent!

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at the risk of repeating myself :slight_smile:

  • when you go, make sure you are a verified user if you want to withdraw cash from ATMs , however I think Monzo will be widely accepted at POS terminals in Italy - Ive had no problems previously, Friends have just come back from Rome and Sorrento and found the same

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Oh yeah & check out this topic for tips from other users on using Monzo in Italy :it:


Well, I’ve had a message today to say my identity is verified so I assume I’m OK. I’ll still be taking some cash with me and I’ve got other cards, just in case but thanks for the info.

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I’ve just come back from Italy. No problems using Monzo in Milan and Sondrio but cash is king when visiting independent shops, bars and restaurants in small villages in the Italian Alps. Luckily both banks in the village where I was staying had ATMs… impressive for a village with a population of only around 1,300.

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As Monzo is a prepaid card think I’m right in saying there’s no fraud protection? I would pay the balance with a credit card so you are protected if there are any problems with the booking.
My wife booked a Villa through Home&Away & the Villa didn’t exist! Paid via bank transfer & lost the lot along with 100’s of others. Happens a lot through that site please google it.
They do offer fraud protection for an additional fee which is another option.

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It looks like you’re correct there (& unless Monzo add’s an additional service when the current accounts launch, this will apply to the debit cards too) so that’s some good advice :raised_hands: