Pay from pot after transaction

Sometimes I have a located money for something in a pot and I have to use my main card or other virtual card to pay for it. Let’s say I have a pot for healthcare items such as phisio, massages, prescriptions etc. These come out of my main account and then I have to replenish them from the pot as if they were paid from them initially.

For example let’s say I have a pot that has £100 in and I pay for an appointment with my main physical card for £40. Current steps are:

  1. Pay with card
  2. Find transaction later and check amount
  3. Go to Healthcare pot and withdraw £40
  4. Exclude item from summary
  5. Set category to a category excluded from trends
  6. Ensure transfer money I is category excluded from trends.

Now before you say just use a virtu card and pay from pot, I already have the max number of virtual cards.

Does anyone else struggle with this? Ideally I would like a button to pay from pot in the same way you can flex payments after the transaction.


I think the real solution to this would be more concurrent virtual cards. The limit currently seems arbitrary, and even if not it is too low for many reasonable uses of virtual cards. Even just upping it by say 2 would make a huge difference.

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I used to be terrible at budgeting/managing my spending. Since banking with Monzo I am more on top of my finances than I have ever been. I spend to a monthly budget that is set and monitored through the use of pots and looks like this:

  1. Both Salaries paid into joint account (other half’s and mine).
  2. Salary sorter helps me auto sort my salary into various pots to cover costs/Direct debits including monthly DD to my ISA for savings. It also allows me to send our personal spending budgets to our personal accounts.
  3. Residual cash goes into emergency pot for unforseen spending during the month that will not be covered by a pot. My current list of pots are:
  • Food
  • Childcare
  • Car/Fuel
  • Therapy
  • Bills
  • Child/Childrens allowance
  • Entertainment

I keep a £1000 balance in my account (basically providing my own overdraft facility).

The majority of my monthly spending i through direct debits which come automatically from the assigned pot.

The rest of my spending I have to replenish my £1000 balance from the relevant pot. If my pot runs dry before the end of the month then I know i need to either cut back or increase my budget.

Most of my spending is predictable. I would love to have access to the same function as they have on the USA version of Monzo where we could assign certain merchants to a pot. For example it make things easier for me if I could assign Aldi to come directly from my food pot. Sainsbury’s Petrol from my Car/fuel pot and Netflix from my Entertainment pot.