Overseas ATM Usage

In India - no idea which ATMs support C&P and which don’t and it’s annoying to have to go into the app and re-enable magstripe ATM usage every 24hrs - any way to make this permanent?

Use the in-app chat to speak to a COp, they may be able to switch it for a longer period for you. I don’t think they can switch it permanently, though.


Have you tried the Mastercard ATM locator app? This is link to iOS version.



Thanks but when you’re in somewhere like India and data coverage is spotty or you don’t have much data left, I don’t really want to faff around looking for the right kind of ATM, I just want the card to work.

Ideally, you should be able to set a country and/or time limit where mag stripe works without going into the app.

Between that and the low limit, next time I’ll use a different account and card for overseas ATMs.

Or just check before you get to a country with poor coverage. R-

Did you try opening an in-app chat as I suggested? The posters on this forum are members of the public like you. The only way you can get a definitive answer to if your magstrike unlock can be extended is by talking to the COps in the app.


Hi, did that just now yes, will see what they come back with.

Not travelled to India much, I guess? Certain parts of cities/towns don’t have CP ATMs and getting to one can take a while in traffic. Ideally, needs to be as I suggested or I’ll just use another bank when abroad.

Just once. But I do my research beforehand. R-

If you’re a heavy traveller then there are probably better banks out there for you, given that Monzo is only fee free for limited withdrawals. Starling comes to mind, but I’m sure there are others.

(Personally, I quite like having different accounts for different things where there are differences in banks’ offers).

Cheers - I’ll look at Starling next time, I have an account but didn’t bring the card with me.

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COps were able to extend magstripe for a few weeks, all is good :grinning:


Starling doesn’t seem to want to work in Vietnam. No notification or anything. Used my Monzo instead which declined first time to check it was me (which is great).
But then once confirmed worked fine.
Starling customer service just told me to try another atm (I tried 2 from different banks)

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