Option to give further details to ATM withdrawals

Earlier today I withdrew £90 to put back into my current account to cover some preordered goods. The transaction is categorised as ‘cash’, but it’s also counted as a spend. Now in my case this was technically a transfer but obviously we don’t have that facility at the moment, so withdrawing and depositing was the only way to go. But for a standard withdrawal It would be nice if this could be edited further to specify what the money may have been used for, say it paid for a meal, and then a cinema ticket, the withdrawal could be an umbrella to extra user added sub categories, which you could then do the usual things like add a receipt etc, or even make a note that the money is still sitting in your wallet/purse etc. Either way, I thought it might be a more customisable way of handling a generic cash withdrawal, instead of just being classed as an outright spend.


exactly what I used to do when recording all my expenses in Microsoft Money in the past

Your use case would be addressed by the implementation of

here’s the thoughts of the Head of Design at Monzo on this, from that thread