Open General Investing or ISA Investing account?

I am eligible to open one now with Monzo.

I have a stocks and shares ISA with another company but haven’t used it this year so I could choose either option. Although maybe getting a large sum of money in December so would like to put that in a stocks and shares ISA, which means if I open one with Monzo it may have to be Monzo’s Black Rock option.

I have seen Monzo’s rates are not the cheapest by a long shot, but I do like the idea of index funds and the simplicity of investing via Monzo is very appealing.

I am tempted to open a General Investments ISA so I can open one soon and dip my toe in with Monzo, just curious if this can later be transferred into an ISA version should I so wish or if I can open a General One and an ISA one.

All comments and info welcome.


You can open both at once, I have. You can’t transfer between the two from what I can see. If transferring say from the GIA to the ISA, you would need to sell up, wait for the cash to settle, and then add it to the ISA.

Transferring from a GIA to an ISA isn’t possible due to the ISA regulations i.e. Monzo can’t do anything about that.

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