Offer N26 account holders incentive to move and staff to join

That might be true. But the fact you are the only N26 user on this thread does kind of back up that speculation

Plenty opened an account to see what it was like but their MAU figure must have been terrible


As ever, in the absence of any actual facts, we’re each free to see this in whatever way we want.

I know little of N26 except for the anecdotal limitations of the account on launch but if their reasoning is true and Brexit is to blame, they look pretty inept from the outside if they couldn’t see a chance of this happening from before they opened their doors over here.


You say ‘bias and assumption’, I say ‘considered opinion based on the evidence and my experience’.

I’ll say again; if you launch in the UK market after the Brexit vote, you have a plan to get through it. It’s simply not credible to blame Brexit for pulling out of the market when you knew going in that it had been voting for and would be happening, no matter what N26 might be saying.

I’m probably going to leave it there now, as I’m at risk of simply repeating myself, but I did feel I had to defend myself against the unfair accusation of bias. It may be that it was a poor choice of words of your behalf, but it’s uncalled for. My take stems, as I’ve said before, from an objective look at the evidence.


Looking for the other n26 members :eyes:

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You keep saying this but it’s not true.


N26 was awful. Its the only fintech account I’ve ever closed because it was so useless. That you couldn’t save payees was beyond unacceptable.

Interesting how the Monzo engineer flagged the immediate spike in in-bound payments from N26 yet the Monzo user growth charts show no spike in new accounts on that day or the following days.

I ain’t a rocket scientist but doesn’t that mean that the few people still actually holding a balance with N26 already had an active monzo account to quickly claw back their cash?

It implies that there were approximately zero #fulln26 users in the UK.

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This is a community for Monzo fans and users, of which I am also one. You won’t find many people here that like N26 and aren’t interested in Fintech. Judging from comments within other communities, this one is often hostile to those who prefer other banks or critique Monzo, and I can see why.

All opinions and speculation stem from bias in some form or another. I wasn’t accusing you of anything and didn’t intend to cause offence so I apologise.

Can you elaborate as to how it isn’t? In the current circumstance this is the case, until there is an agreed deal to say otherwise.

This data only looks at users who had accounts with both banks. I’m included on that chart. While I used N26 as my primary bank, I didn’t move my income to them in case something like this happened. When I received the email, I transferred all my funds to Monzo, then moved them from Monzo to Barclays after I got frustrated trying to use summary and pots to set up a budgeting system that worked for me.

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They really don’t. You should look up the definition of the word before you carry on using it any further.

We have both drawn differing conclusions for their reasoning behind the decision based on the speculative conjecture and limited data and evidence available. That’s the very definition of confirmation bias. Neither of us are neutral to either bank here, so it’s incredibly difficult for either of us to be free from bias.

Actually, at the end of this year when the transition period ends, the Temporary Permissions Regime will give EU firms currently operating in the UK via a passport an additional 3 years to get a UK licence - so until the end of December 2023 - assuming there is no deal covering this in place.

And this regime has already been legislated for…


Thank you!

Update: I’ve had a brief read and this seems to directly contradict N26’s statement when announcing the closure of the U.K. bank. I’m curious now if they applied for authorisation and were denied or if they chose not to seek permission in the first place for some other reason. I do wish N26 would be more forthcoming with information in this regard.

Thanks for sharing and expanding my knowledge of the situation.


I imagine there’d be similar inbound charts for other existing banks too, and regardless of ‘full’ status, since you can’t CASS to N26, I’d image most users already had another bank by default. (Since “swtiching” accounts and closing your old one wouldn’t be a thing for N26).

I also imagine a fair number of adopters also have multiple fintech bank accounts anyway

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Anyone think Revolut with their Lithuanian licence might follow suit?

No. They’ve using the Emoney license for the uk operation, moving the hq to Ireland and using their Lithuanian license for Europe

Let’s see how that goes, eh?

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I very much doubt it, as isn’t the UK one of their biggest markets?

love this thread -


A moot point now, but I just noticed this setting in the app; as frictionless as Monzo for logging in.

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Your screenshot does not support your claim. In fact, it disproves it.