New TestFlight testers?

(Jack Nichol) #1

Morning all!

Quick question regarding your TestFlight builds…

Are you all full-up, or will you be looking for more testers any time soon?

I’d be keen to pitch in if you are! :slight_smile:

Next iOS update?
Next iOS update?

Ya, I would love to have the opportunity to test mondo releases. Are you open to new TestFlight testers? :slight_smile:

(Frank) #3

I too would be happy to join the TestFlight testers. :grimacing:

(Tristan Thomas) #4

All full up right now but we’ll let you know as soon as there’s more space for sure :slight_smile:

Software test contractor willing to help a hand
IOS TestFlight
(Oliver Nash) #5

Add me to the list :wink:

(Marty Bell) #6

Would love to be on the list too!

(Aaron) #7

I’d be up for that too if you are ever looking for more testers :slight_smile:

(Stuart Todd) #8

Add me to the list :slight_smile:

(David Sulitzer) #9

Same here, would love to be added please!

(Matt Atkinson) #10

Add me to the list too :smiley:

(Yago Carballo) #11

Add me as well :slight_smile: If there are any spots left (:innocent: or more spots coming in the future)

(Jack Willis) #12

Me too. As an iOS Dev myself, I’m always curious as to any changes :smirk:

(Chris Black) #13

Add me as well please !!!

(Sebastijan) #14

me too, please. thanks!

(MikeF) #15

From what Tristan said, there isn’t a list to be added to.

On the other hand, just in case posting here does carry any weight then you can add me to the non-existent list too :smiley:


I too would be happy to be added to a possibly, kinda, maybe, hopefully corporeal or incorporeal list that may or may not be a figment of our collective imaginations. “Crosses fingers, rubs a magic lamp and wishes upon a :star2:!

(Tristan Thomas) #17

There is currently no list :slight_smile: We’ll prune it at some point soon and then there might be space. No need to post here though! :wink:

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I know this an old post but is there anymore spaces for TestFlight?


I think TF was killed off in favour of beta builds. You can sign up for them in the app store (android). Not sure about iOS.

EDIT: Someone correct me if I’m wrong.


Ah ok. I’m on iOS so have no idea how to sign up for beta builds?