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Same as me… my RBS cannot add to Apple Pay, and can add it to my secondary phone 13 mini

I am thinking about moving my Savings into Natwest. My savings would make me eligible for Natwest Premier.

But I am planning to spend some of my savings on a new Macbook Pro for Uni soon.

If I drop below the 100K savings what happens to my Premier account?

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Fairly sure they’d run it as year average not a minor dip you’ll likely replace, if they even care.


So If I drop down to like 98K or something for about a month and quickly top it back up to 100K they wouldn’t really care?

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Shouldn’t do, I’ve no first hand experience but fluctuation happens and I can’t imagine they’d be like nope they entered £99,999.99 so let’s close that account.

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Okie! Thanks Mate!

I’m gonna apply for Premier now!

Can’t decide which Premier thou?

Natwest, Ulster or RBS?

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Someone else is better equipped to respond, I’m poor I’ll never know :joy:


:joy: one day


One Day we will get there


Why not all three? :face_with_peeking_eye:

Cuz you’ll need 300k lol

Yeah I dont have that yet xD


The MacBook Pro is a great shout…!

If you use monitors though, you’ll need a 4K display or it’ll look shite text-wise. 1080p panels don’t cut it, I can’t vouch for a 2K one. I’m using this one > it has KVM docking for keyb + mouse

I’d also install LinearMouse to disable mouse acceleration, and with the monitor put it in the Native color mode on the OSD or it’ll look like dog…

I realise the screenshot is in 1080p, much crisper in person. xD

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Do love my M3 Max MacBook Pro. Is very heavy but that could because I went for the 16 inch one

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1440p monitors look great, and will be fine unless you’re doing design work.

Edit: just realised this is the NatWest thread, I thought it was the recent tech thread lol.

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I’ve had a Thinkpad my entire life.

I have always been a Thinkpad user!

But i’m thinking of finally getting a Macbook Pro M3 16" as ive been putting it off for ages and ages.

For my setup at home. I have 3 4K 27" monitors all connected to a Dock that runs off my Thinkpad

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All 3 premier account offers the same benefit.

It’s purely just the different cards

Not sure how new this is but you can now add photos for your payees, which is nice. I wish Monzo allowed this: