My Prototype for new features (Round Up Savings and Spend From Last 3 Days Summaries)

Good evening.

My propose is to show messages inside Mondo App showing the following:

  • The green line shows how much we would save if we could apply a round up savings.
  • The beige line indicates a summary of yesterday and 2 days before.

It’s possible to create because Mondo allows developers to interact with their data and show messages inside the Mondo App. I could create it in my spare time.

What do you think? Share your opinions.


Hey Leo, it’s good to see another new member of the community.

I like the idea of a summary showing how much could have been saved, if the user had adopted the saving tool you’re describing :thumbsup: Tom has talked about fetching data from other services API’s (he talks about an integration with Uber in that video) and displaying it in the app. I think this would be really interesting too, although it may be a while before this functionality is implemented.

A summary for the last 3 days is very specific though and may not suit all users needs so it may be easier for the user to get to the summary they want to view by specifying their date range in the search tool.

Thanks for you reply Alex.

I’ve changed a little bit the title and description to clarify my idea.

This would be just a temporary solution to be created, out of Mondo App. If Mondo releases a version containing the features above, this temporary solution won’t be necessary anymore.

I completely agree that a summary for the last 3 days doesn’t cover all the scenarios, but it would be just a temporary solution.

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I personally wouldn’t want to see how much I’ve saved. Not easily anyway.

The benefit for me would be stealth savings. Saving that I didn’t even know I was doing.

Option to chose your own range. e.g. above 50p round up to nearest £1. Below 50p save default 10p/20p/25p. etc