Multiple currencies

After downloading the Revolut app one nifty feature that I noticed wasn’t being able to hold multiple currencies. This seems like a really useful feature. People who are going abroad a couple of times a year or travel for work could benefit from this. Being able to load currency when the exchange rate is good would save people money. This would also benefit people like myself who regularly shop on foreign online stores. Is this something that might be considered for future updates? It could even be optional to set this up when the current account is active as understandably not everyone will need this!


While you say it could save you money, as you can not tell what the exchange rate will be months in the future it may not!


True but MasterCard give history of the exchange rate. You could look into what it’s been like the past couple of months and decide from there what “good” looks like or even better if it was a feature with monzo there could be an info section which tells you how the current rate compares to previous exchange rates so that you’re a bit more in the know before buying &£$¥.

The stability of having a set amount of a particular currency would also be quite nice.

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I agree!

But as Richard mentions, unless you really know what you’re doing unfortunately most people get predictions about changes in FX rates wrong. This is a good point though, for the risk averse -

You did touch on people using the foreign currencies for work too & I think it could be really useful if you get paid in a foreign currency, to not have to convert that cash!

I’m sure people who need to receive / send money in foreign currencies would be benefit too. And I’m probably overlook a couple of use cases…

The good news is Monzo are currently testing EUR & USD accounts, in preparation for their international expansion.

So I expect these currencies will be an option in the future :tada:

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