Moving to America

Hi Jak!

First of all, congrats on your upcoming move!

To answer your specific questions :

We don’t charge any fees for using your card abroad. You can withdraw up to £200 cash from an ATM in any given 30 day period for free - any cash withdrawals above that amount will be subject to a 3% fee. I suppose it depends where you are, but I spend a lot of time in the US and I almost never find myself needing to withdraw cash, and when I have done, it hasn’t been enough to surpass that buffer. I spent 6 weeks in California over December and January and probably withdrew cash once for a street market stall. Other than that I just used my card.

As far as linking it to your US bank account, I’m not exactly sure what you mean by that but you can use a service such as TransferWise to make international transfers in/out of your Monzo account, and this will soon be possible natively in the app.

For launching natively in the US - yes, we are definitely doing this, but we aren’t able to confirm a timeline just yet I’m afraid. But with any luck, we’ll at least be able to provide some updates on our plans for this over the next few months :grinning:


Is it? I never found that in their terms. Although this is often postulated to be the case, I cannot find any clause regarding residency conditions in their Terms.

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As long as we have a UK address on file, it’s perfectly fine to keep the account.

We absolutely don’t require the account to be closed, even if the customer is moving abroad indefinitely.


Thanks! Finally someone confirming this. I will take a note to quote you everytime someone says “Monzo is only for UK residents” in the future :wink:

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Will the OP have to change the tax residency in the app to America? Or does that depend if they’re going for work or study?

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Well - that’s a simplification. You do need to be a UK resident to sign up in the first place! But if you move abroad, we don’t require account closure.


Hi Simon
Thank you very much for those replies, those were the answers I was looking for!

That’s great to know about the fees regarding withdrawals. I have a Bank of America account so I would probably just use that for withdrawing cash and would like to continue using Monzo as I do now - Out in shops, bars, restaurants etc. Would that be acceptable to do? To do this on a long term basis while abroad? For reference I’ll be living in Boston so I’d like to think most places would be card friendly, even better if contactless (a technology that is slowly making its way there with apple pay etc I suppose).

Sorry I was a bit unclear about linking accounts. Yes as I’ll be living and working over there, my pay cheque will go in to my Bank of America account so that would be the primary account I’d use to top up my Monzo account. Ah so there are plans to integrate international bank transfers into the app? That would be great! Though another question, when I’m living there will transactions continue to show in pounds (£) or is there an option to change this to dollars ($)? Could get a bit confusing constantly changing between the 2!

That’s great you’re looking to launch natively in the US! There’s definitely a market for it (US banking is a nightmare) so I’ll look forward to reading more about that in the near future.

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you might want to change your FAQ on the Monzo website ?


Change to “Monzo is only for UK residents, or former residents, or those resident in Crown Dependencies who had a prepaid card and upgraded it to a current account”

Not quite so snappy!


There is no such functionality in the app at present…otherwise some of us would change the display currency during holidays and business trips abroad. Personally I think it is a good idea.


Yes, that’s absolutely fine :grinning:

Yep - international transfers will be natively possible within the Monzo app soon - that’s something we’re working on now! Should be within the next few months :grinning:

Our native currency will remain GBP, but each transaction you make will show in both GBP and USD so it shouldn’t be too confusing!


The FAQ is correct. You do need to be a UK resident to get a Monzo card. If you aren’t a UK resident, you can’t currently get a card. However if you are a UK resident who has a card and moves abroad, you can keep it - but that’s not the question posed by the FAQ :wink:


Thank you everyone for your input, it’s highly appreciated.

And thank you Simon for all of the updates. Fingers crossed the native international transfers will be ready by the time I move or just after!



Monzo on it’s way to world domination!


You should also be aware that you will be being paid in USD but effectively spending in GBP. So every time you buy a coffee, it’ll be a different price due to exchange rate fluctuations.


Depending how the economy goes… could that make it cheaper for you? :thinking:

It would be cheaper if the pound gets stronger against the dollar?

Though I suppose this would only be an issue until Monzo becomes native in America? Then it would all just be done in dollars?


Remember, though, that if the pound gets stronger against the dollar, you won’t be able to buy as many pounds with your US paycheck, so you’ll lose out on the original conversion.

You’ll lose It’ll cost you money each time you’re paid, and every time you spend as, although the Mastercard rate is good, it’s not perfect. Are you sure you want to pay every time you make a transaction on your account?


I thought about this last night actually, excellent point thank you.
With this in mind I’ll still keep my Monzo account and keep a keen eye on their USA move progress. If it’s looking promising when I move I’ll stick with Monzo, but if not I’ll unfortunately have to look for an alternative.

Anyone know of any US based alternatives?

Try Simple?