Monzo's Crowdfunding Rounds


This is the point I have been trying to make all along! Finally someone understands. It’s not just done because the gents at Monzo are a nice bunch but was the best option available at the time, weighing in its advantages. If it didn’t make sense, Monzo wouldn’t have done it.

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Of course they haven’t done it because they are “nice”, just as @kieranmch said. I’m not sure where anyone claimed that.


Well it’s both. It’s raising money, but in a way that allows people (who aren’t VCs) to share in your success. Monzo didn’t need the crowd in terms of fundraising, but they are reaping the rewards of having strong brand ambassadors, and a level of support that few other banks enjoy, even those where customers happen to hold shares.

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This debate is getting very circular

Any comments to progress it on rather then just reiterating what’s already been said?


Now this I actually agree with. Monzo got the fair price of something, customers got what they wanted. Everyone is happy and there is absolutely nothing wrong with this. The specifics regarding whether or not they needed it, or the exact mechanics etc is actually irrelevant. It’s just when people blindly think that it was done out of the goodness of their hearts what I find interesting.

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So this whole debate was based on a false premise (no one said that)? :man_facepalming:


Okay mate :+1:


Well the kind part was using the crowd at all. Not in a charitable way, but to give them a shot at something that could have been just hoovered up by the VCs.

To be clear again, they did not NEED the crowd, but chose to use it because they have a stronger community value than most companies at their stage, and saw the non-financial benefits. As others have said, it is not clear why you think they did need it.

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Is your opinion and very much “black and white thinking” at that. Why can’t Monzo have the intent to profit in terms of funding AND share the risk / reward?

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Is that’s Donald Trump’s hand? I believe it may be possible he is posting in this thread right now - there’s a lot of alternative facts flying about

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