Monzo Plus - Weekly Update 27 September 2019 📣

I do think we need to cut Monzo a bit of slack here. I’ve the same concerns as many of you, particularly about the paywall suggestions. But where else do we have this sort of access / conversation? Where else do we have folk like @nexusmaniac, @BethS and @simonb who will happily pass the time of day with us. No marketing messages. No spiel. Just honest access. Indeed, where else would you even find a “Community Specialist” where it’s acknowledged and accepted that community is an essential part of the organisation’s lifeblood and that investment in it isn’t a waste of money or something to be cut from the bottom line.

The point I suppose I’m getting to is that we do want answers, that’s understandable. And like many on here, I’m nervous about the direction of travel. But if we berate then we (imo, of course) will probably create the future we don’t want to see: either no forum at all, or preapproved sound bites or marketing speak that lacks the humanity that people like Marcus, Beth and Simon exhibit.

(And, because we don’t say this enough: thank you Monzonauts for coming on here and playing! :hot_coral_heart: )