Monzo Plus: External Account Integration

The image above :point_up: plus:

Bank of Scotland

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Thanks. Also just noticed the list is advertised in app in the upgrade account section

Any reason why “accounts” is only capitalised for Revolut ?

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Revolut integration is nice!

And it includes multicurrency wallets!


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Just tried it. Looks great! :+1:

I can’t unsee that now :laughing:

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I’d not noticed that! But can’t unsee it now…
I’m sure it’s a sort-of-typo, which will probably be corrected if Monzo are aware of it.

It would be good to have Tymit Credit Card Account Integration

Does Tymit have an open banking API?

Not yet I don’t think, it’s been talked about on their forums but don’t think they’re actively working on it

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Don’t suppose there’s been talk of more powerful tools that used integrated accounts? E.g. automating money going into pots to match transactions on your Amex card.

This was mentioned quite a few times in one of the original Amex integration threads, and I’d love to be able to do this without writing my own backend.

@JJTriesHisBest obviously can’t speak for Monzo but I notice the dedicated feedback/ideas threads on this topic (there are about 5) never get more than a few votes. The one with most votes only has 12 votes, so perhaps not much customer interest.

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