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Hi Guys,

I’ve been taking a LOVELY sabbatical break on the beautiful island of Koh Samui,Thailand for the last few weeks and took my Monzo card with me.

I’ve not had one problem with using it over here, all ATMs I’ve found are willing to accept the card - this includes the well known yellow ATMs and also the Thailand bank (green ATMS). I have been charged 200 bhat for each transaction and as the island is very cash merchant orientated I would advise to try limiting the amount of times you need to withdraw.

I brought a Thai Sim on arrival (if your travelling here in the airport they have the cheapest 400 bhat for 30 days unlimited internet sim) and I’m literally gobsmacked at how quickly the app notifies me of any spending, I’m pretty sure the app tells me before the cash comes out of the machine!

Will continue using and update you with any ATMs I find that don’t charge at all - haven’t found a citibank ATM I hear these are free!


The entry for Thailand can be found at:

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Having some problems with Thailand at the moment…

My friend, another Monzo user is currently over there and was unable to transfer funds using the app because she couldn’t find me in her Monzo contacts - nor was she able to via because the card processor didn’t like her card. We were chatting via WhatsApp the whole time and her connection was good, so any ideas why this might be happening?

maybe this - ? found by searching enable payments with the frying pan top right :slight_smile:

Do you both have the Payments to Friends setting enabled in your Settings. If you don’t have that setting in your app you may get Customer Services to turn it on for you. Also check you are both verified users (i.e. upgraded from a basic account after verification of ID)

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Yes, I received a payment from her before…

The security settings for the app changed a few updates ago so it might be worth checking that payments are still enabled.

If it’s not that, you’ll have to ask the customer support team to look into this I’m afraid. Verification & payments enabled should be the only two things that can prevent you sending / receiving payments.

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I have noticed that after a couple of updates, the payments with friends setting was reset to off. It was again so - Apparently, upon her switching that feature on, the app then states that ‘You’ll soon be able to send money to other Monzo users’ - although we have both been using this feature for a while now.


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The thread for Thailand can be found at:

Hi I’ve used this card last march basically everywhere in my journey, never had a single problem!! Avoid WU ATM I realise is not working, some time also the ATM the are short of cash, or the not aloud to withdraw big numbers for security reason I guess, but guys absolutely fine! Take it easy and enjoy!!

Just to let you all know
Used the blue ATM and it charges you 220bhat which is £5 that’s standard in Thailand. But monzo gave me an excellent exchange rate in line with what google says. Love this card!!!


I got a very bad rate - 38,5 when it should be around 43. I was selecting the current/checking account option. Is this why? What should I be selecting instead as it’s not feasible to use this card with those rates.


@Plumed90 Did you reject dynamic currency conversion from ATM? Account option, as far as I’m aware, has no impact on your exchange rate. ATMs however, push dynamic currency conversion (DCC) a lot, sometimes 2-3 times for one withdrawal, going as far as asking double negative questions. :wink: And some ATMs do not allow withdrawals without DCC (though it’s rare!).

You can check in Monzo app - if ATM withdrawal appears in GBP, you were caught out by DCC and that’s why rate was bad.

If transaction appears in THB, as well as showing value in GBP - you got mastercard rate.

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Update from me in Bangkok- I walked an hour to Citibank branch in Central World twice, once last night but centre was closed, again today because I’m a stubborn Yorkshireman and £5 is £5. Citibank now charges 200baht like everywhere else for withdrawal. I tried about 7 banks in that location and have tried about 10 different ones total- all charge, all about 220/200baht except one- Aeon- which was 150baht. And yeah some are tricky with the double negatives on the currency conversion so always slow down and make sure you choose the continue without conversion option because it’s misleading sometimes, deliberate or not, it’s misleading, if in doubt perhaps cancel and choose a different machine.

Two withdrawals since I arrived has already cost me £10 in a few days. That really stings after so long without a single fee in any other country. Just goes to show how phenomenal Monzo is and the fact I’ve saved literally hundreds since I started using it.

I thought about using my regular current account card from HSBC in case it could be cheaper, but the fee is preloaded by the Thai/International banks here so, I would have to pay 220baht, then- the non-sterling transaction charge or get a terrible exchange rate and possibly still get charged by my home bank HSBC. So, Monzo is still the significantly better and cheaper option here- even though it costs you 220baht/£5 each withdrawal.

That makes me feel better.


I live half of the year in Thailand. Monzo card works well most places, but all Thai banks and many foreign banks charge 220 baht for cash at atms. Citibank is rare, so havn’t yet tested the card in one. Yesterday, someone sent me funds through the link, which arrived on my phone app in seconds. 220 baht is around £5, so if taking out £50, its 10% in charges. So need to take out at least £200 to make it worth while. Fast internet is cheap and easy for mobiles. I use AIS at 300 baht a month in my PAYG Sim, although I’m told True is cheaper.

Am looking closely at opening an account. I live in Chonburi. I notice from the blurb on their website that you can only withdraw 200 pounds a month from an ATM before Monzo charge you a fee. Is this still the case?

Yes, that’s right. If you’re looking solely for an account to use abroad you may want to consider other options.

Cheers. Do you know of any other options for an Englishman living in Thailand who has to open a Brirish bank account?
I would be very grateful if you could offer a workable alternative. At the mo, we have to be living in the UK to open an account.

Monzo? As long as you have valid ID with you and can provide a UK address for the card to be sent to.