Monzo in Slovakia 🇸🇰

It works everywhere in Slovakia. No problem with contactless payments in stores (Tesco, Lidl, Billa, Coop, …), on railway station, petrol station (Slovnaft), etc. Anyway some cash is useful, because small shops, village train stations, … usually don’t have card terminals.


Have also used my Monzo card in Slovakia (only Bratislava) and had no issues whatsoever. It made our life so much easier as we were in Budapest the day before so could arrive in Bratislava and used an official bank ATM to withdraw some Euros.


My card was refused at a Tatrabank ATM in Bratislava yesterday (legacy bank card worked fine). I’m here for a week so will see if Monzo card works in other ATMs. The card worked fine in a restaurant.