Monzo Golden Ticket Average Sign Up Time

Just wondering what is the average time it takes from a person filling their details online to actual making a transaction.

I have several referrals active at the minute, some at stage 1 (email added, but not yet downloaded the app), some at stage two (downloaded app, but not made a transaction).

I know some of the stage 2ers have their card but not bit the bullet and made that crucial payment. Some of them have been at stage 2 for more than 3 weeks.

Why is it that people are stopping at this stage?

How can Monzo assist in going to stage 3? Can they, or is it just the waiting game? (You’d think the £5 will help)

I have a friend at stage 2 and as been for a while, he is topping up his card regularly for and upcoming holiday in Oct 19, so he will be a stage 2 till then.

This is just a screenshot of some but there are others

Is this something everyone else seems to notice or just me?