Monzo for Android - Teardowns & Deep Dives 👨‍💻

Nah, They’re going back to the Mondo name

:shushing_face: Don’t tell anyone!


Version 3.65.0 (70.07 MB) - :tada::tada::tada: - Business Boulder Grey makes way for Slate Grey, new payees_hub strings, new savings account images (or Open Banking conncetion images?), new CASS and CreditTracker code modules, new pots/charity code modules, new overdraft data model and manage code modules, new payments code modules, new pots ‘transfer UI’ code modules (readying for pot-to-pot transfers maybe?), lots of other code module changes.

New Strings:

<string name="bank_payment_max_reference_length">Maximum 18 characters</string>

<string name="card_design_name_business_slate_grey">Slate Grey</string>

<string name="payees_hub_empty_no_contacts_action">Invite to join Monzo</string>
<string name="payees_hub_empty_no_contacts_content">Send and receive money instantly, split bills and share ongoing expenses with contacts who are also on Monzo.</string>
<string name="payees_hub_empty_no_contacts_title">Invite contacts to Monzo</string>
<string name="payees_hub_empty_no_payees_action">Create a payee</string>
<string name="payees_hub_empty_no_payees_content">Create payees to make bank transfers, schedule payments and build a list of people you pay regularly.</string>
<string name="payees_hub_empty_no_payees_title">Your payees</string>
<string name="payees_hub_empty_p2p_action">Turn on contacts</string>
<string name="payees_hub_empty_p2p_content">To instantly send and receive money on Monzo, please give us access to the contacts on your device.</string>
<string name="payees_hub_empty_p2p_title">Pay a contact</string>

<string name="payment_initiation_legal_documents_header">Important documents</string>

<string name="slate_grey">Slate grey</string>

Removed Strings:

<string name="boulder_grey">Boulder grey</string>

<string name="card_design_name_business_boulder_grey">Boulder Grey</string>

New ID’s:

<item type="id" name="cassAddressButtonsFooter" />

<item type="id" name="cassAddressScrollingContent" />

<item type="id" name="cassAddressToolbar" />

<item type="id" name="docsHeaderTextView" />

<item type="id" name="emptyPayeesHubButton" />
<item type="id" name="emptyPayeesHubImageAndTextView" />
<item type="id" name="emptyPayeesHubLineImageView" />

<item type="id" name="oldAccountInputButtonFooter" />
<item type="id" name="oldAccountInputTitle" />
<item type="id" name="oldAccountInputToolbar" />
<item type="id" name="oldAccountInputView" />
<item type="id" name="oldAccountScrollingContent" />
<item type="id" name="oldAccountTypeScrollingContent" />
<item type="id" name="oldAccountTypeToolbar" />

Removed ID’s:


New Assets:

.\atom.webp- only in\res\drawable-nodpi
.\investec.webp - only in\res\drawable-nodpi
.\m_and_s_bank.webp - only in\res\drawable-nodpi
.\marcus.webp - only in\res\drawable-nodpi
.\oaknorth.webp - only in\res\drawable-nodpi
.\revolut.webp - only in\res\drawable-nodpi
.\shawbrook.webp - only in\res\drawable-nodpi
.\tide.webp - only in\res\drawable-nodpi
.\ulster_bank.webp - only in\res\drawable-nodpi
.\ybs.webp - only in\res\drawable-nodpi

.\no_contacts_empty_state.webp only in\res\drawable-hdpi
.\no_payees_empty_state.webp only in\res\drawable-hdpi
.\p2p_empty_state_people_cheering.webp only\res\drawable-hdpi

Changed Assets:


Removed Assets:


Coming soon to a forum near you:
“Monzo emptied my P2P state!!!1!1!! People on the forum are cheering it!!!1!!!”



Hmmm those assets are interesting. I hope they’re open banking…

Given the inclusion of Tide and Revolut, surely can’t just be savings(?), but I guess there could be a mix.

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I hope so, but as Marcus and co don’t have open banking connections I’m guessing it’s bank logos for payee screens

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Are all of these banks without payment logos?

Hang on, we had a wiki somewhere…

Edit: here - Wiki: Bank Logos In Monzo

Now, do they match…? :thinking:

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Marcus and Revolut did not previously have icons under payees. Maybe they will now/soon

Still missing one for Dozens

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I’m hoping this is connected accounts, but it makes more sense to be logos as payments are currently being worked on.

If so, I assume that someone from Monzo just looked at volume of payments and picked off the top ones without a logo?


Just updated my app and tried adding new payees for existing Marcus and Revolut sort codes

No logos as yet. So either they’re for something else, or have been included in advance of activation

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Ah yeah this makes sense. Not very interesting but I suppose necessary polish.

Can you see those assets, David? Or are they just references to image files held elsewhere?


I’ll host on my Gdrive - hang on…

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Amazing, thanking you :pray:

I started uploading the whole teardown, but at over 60,000 files it was going to take 2+ hours, so here’s the single folder with the files inside; !App Teardowns
(I’ve also copied the strings.xml file in there too)


Atom! :pray: its integration rather than just payment logos.

How do you know?

To me it still seems like payment logos but admittedly I just skimmed the files

I don’t. I am praying it is though, may have missed punctuation :upside_down_face:

That makes sense, I missed the pray emoji!

The logos are square or circular so I’d bet a substantial amount that it’s for the payments screen. Connected accounts would be card shaped (and savings can’t currently be connected via API)

This seems like a new thing in Summary ?

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Interesting. I don’t have that on my Personal (Premium) account or our Joint Account Summary displays