Monzo for Android - Teardowns & Deep Dives 👨‍💻

There was an update today, any changes?

I had a quick diff-check* between Android 3.21.0 and the latest 3.22.0 and couldn’t see many differences other than a few removals of terminology and minor, minor business/loan/overdraft references. The biggest edits seem to be in the colouring of the app headers - maybe Dark Mode prep?

*I’m not a teardown expert by any means

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For sure, 3.22.0 is mostly bug fixes, removal of some legacy code, and I believe the header colour difference is simply to fix theming in our loan flow - sorry, no Dark Mode prep.

3.23 has landed internally, and it’s a little bit chunkier than 3.22. But not a gigantic update either before anyone gets their hopes up.

No spoilers - we enjoy seeing what you all find :joy:


Custom categories seems to be getting closer though, so yay!


3.21 - 3.22 Strings Diff:
<string name="business_signup_plan_legals_accept">Agree and continue</string>
<string name="cass_outbound_full_switch_text">We’ve heard the news. You’ve decided to use the Current Account Switch Service to move your account away from Monzo. We’ll miss you, and we’ll be here if you ever want to switch back. Thanks for using Monzo!</string>
<string name="cass_outbound_full_switch_text_paid_suffix">"
Just a heads up, we’ll cancel your %1$s membership before we complete your switch. There may be a cancelation fee, you can see what it is if you go to your %1$s home."</string>
<string name="">52d11302-ae61-454c-985d-3939b7b0a261</string>
<string name="credit_tracker_active_dial_accessibility_description" formatted="false">Your credit score is %d, on a scale from %d to %d</string>
<string name="credit_tracker_inactive_dial_accessiblity_description">No credit score found</string>
<string name="custom_category_create_length_error">Too many characters</string>
<string name="deep_link_paid_special_offers_membership_card">special_offers_membership_card</string>
<string name="dispute_start_report">Start Report</string>
<string name="dispute_start_report_hint">Please read the checklist before continuing</string>
<string name="dispute_start_report_later">Go back and check</string>
<string name="explore_invoicing_button">Explore Monzo Business Pro</string>
<string name="explore_invoicing_message">"Create, send and track invoices from the app, letting you get on with running your business.

We’ll email your invoice to the customer as soon as you’ve created it."</string>
<string name="explore_invoicing_title">Invoicing, taken care of</string>
<string name="fraud_dispute_keeping_you_safe_body">"Once you’ve submitted your fraud report, we’ll permanently block your card to keep your account safe and send you a new one.

Depending on the situation, we might also need to change your PIN. We’ll let you know if this is the case."</string>
<string name="fraud_dispute_keeping_you_safe_title">Keeping you safe</string>
<string name="fraud_dispute_tour_card_protected_body">"Don’t worry, we’ve made sure your card is frozen right now so nobody can use.

If you realise it’s not fraud before you submit your report, you can always go back and defrost your card."</string>
<string name="fraud_dispute_tour_card_protected_title">Your card is protected</string>
<string name="fraud_dispute_tour_confirm_exit_message">Your card will remain frozen to keep your account safe. You can defrost your card from the home screen, if you want to.</string>
<string name="fraud_dispute_tour_confirm_exit_positive_button">Leave</string>
<string name="fraud_dispute_tour_confirm_exit_title">Leave this report?</string>
<string name="fraud_dispute_tour_reporting_fraud_body">To help us better understand the situation and try to get your money back, we need to ask you a few questions about your card and PIN. It should only take a minute.</string>
<string name="fraud_dispute_tour_reporting_fraud_title">Reporting fraud</string>
<string name="manage_loan_about_your_loan_heading">About your loan</string>
<string name="manage_loan_edit_your_loan_heading">Edit your loan</string>
<string name="manage_loan_payment_information_text_block">Total interest: %s</string>
<string name="manage_loan_payment_information_title">Your %s loan</string>
<string name="manage_loan_toolbar_title">Manage</string>
<string name="manage_loan_your_credit_agreement">See your credit agreement</string>
<string name="open_banking_callback_loading_message">Connecting to your bank…</string>
<string name="open_banking_callback_success_body">We’ll let you know when it arrives into your account. It’s usually instant, but can sometimes take up to 4 hours.</string>
<string name="open_banking_callback_success_title">We have asked your bank to transfer your money</string>
<string name="order_card_select_pin_subtitle">Enter your chosen 4-digit</string>
<string name="order_card_select_pin_title">Choose your PIN</string>
<string name="overdraft_not_enabled_promotion_banner_subtitle">See if you’re eligible! Representative APR 29.0%</string>
<string name="overdraft_not_enabled_promotion_banner_title">%1$s Overdraft new limits &amp; pricing</string>
<string name="plans_limitations_scroll_hint">&lt;b>Scroll to the bottom to continue&lt;/b>&lt;br/>&lt;br/>By continuing you agree to the terms and conditions, and confirm this cover is right for you.</string>
<string name="select_category_create">Create</string>
<string name="special_offer_details_booking_title">Call to make a booking</string>
<string name="special_offers_error_message">We couldn’t load restaurant offers, try checking your internet connection before retrying</string>
<string name="special_offers_search_description">Fancy some &lt;b>Pasta&lt;/b> in &lt;b>Shoreditch&lt;/b>?&lt;br/>&lt;br/>Try searching for a cuisine and a place for more accurate results.</string>
<string name="special_offers_search_hint">Search places, cuisines…</string>
<string name="special_offers_show_card">Show gourmet society card</string>
<string name="transaction_picker_declined">Declined.</string>


The self reporting fraud seems good. Gets rid of the needless faff of inital conversation with the existing chat and I assume immediately prioritises the issue. :+1: I like that it automatically freezes your card too - I imagine a lot of people’s first response to a fraudulent transaction is get in contact but not to freeze right away.

What’s this with the open banking and having another bank send money :thinking::face_with_monocle::thinking:


Looks like there’s payment initiation in there, too. So you can use Monzo to move money from your other bank accounts. :tada:


I am so so excited for custom categories. Cannot believe it has taken so long but hope it is getting very close :pray:

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CoP perhaps?

I’m wondering if the new stuff we’re seeing in the tear down will all be behind the new Plus pay wall?


Yep wouldn’t get your hopes up around custom categories unless you’re planning on paying for plus. I feel like we’d have had an announcement around the building this by now if it was going to be free.


Yeah unfortunately it just seems too coincidental for it to be offered on monzo basic which is a real shame.

I think my hope will have to turn to starling to then come along and provide this as free in order to sneak away customers.

But lets see, all subjective at the moment


I just want virtual cards, and I am crossing my fingers very hard that it will be possible to attach them to pots😂 I am existing plus subscriber and I will switch to monzo premium as well.


@joedmitchell @Peter_G

I totally agree. And sadly, as long as it isn’t more than £5 a month, I will probably pay just for custom categories.

It’s still utter BS as far as I’m concerned given the incredibly limited selection, and that you cannot manage your money properly without. But there you go :man_shrugging:t2:

I’d probably bite at £4.99/5 a month. New card, larger foreign ATM withdrawals, additional app features like virtual cards and some sort of small perk/cashback thing/offers scheme. I would expect a roadmap of intended ‘premium’ app features planned for development too. I think a robust budgeting feature would be fantastic.

Can’t say I’m particularly interested in a higher ‘metal’ tier. I’d consider the Gourmet Society a small perk. Simply because it’s more of a marketing tool for chain restaurants than anything. I actually expect Monzo to launch their own offer scheme eventually, using GS as a quick prefab thing.

Anyway, we’ll soon see and I can’t say I’ll be that bothered of if not interested. It obviously won’t be for everyone and it’ll probably get more desirable as time goes on.

Not sure if right place to ask but does anyone know when theres going to be a update when the premium account annoucement is going to come ?

[quote="michalrydlikowski, post:705, topic:58518"]
<string name="special_offers_show_card">Show gourmet society card</string>

Gourmet Society :upside_down_face:

Extract from 3.23.0;

     <string name="custom_category_confirm_remove_action">Remove ‘%s’</string>
<string name="custom_category_confirm_remove_cancel">Cancel</string>
<string name="custom_category_confirm_remove_info">Payments already categorised as ‘%s’ will stay as they are.</string>
<string name="custom_category_create">Create category</string>
<string name="custom_category_create_footnote">Only you’ll see your custom category</string>
<string name="custom_category_create_hint">Gel pens</string>
<string name="custom_category_create_name">Category name</string>
<string name="custom_category_edit">Edit category</string>
<string name="custom_category_error_max_custom_category_count">Well, you’ve done it. You’ve maxed out our system by creating so many amazing categories. Delete some before you can create more.</string>
<string name="custom_category_error_non_unique_name">You already have a ‘%s’ category, please choose a different name.</string>
<string name="custom_category_error_non_unique_name_active">You already have a ‘%s’ category, please choose a different name.</string>
<string name="custom_category_error_non_unique_name_archived">You used to have a ‘%1$s’ category. If you’d like to bring it back, create a new ‘%2$s’ category.</string>
<string name="custom_category_remove">Remove category</string>

Ooooh… Gel pens… :wink:


I can finally write things down using a different colour for each letter! :tada:


Anything else new / of interest? :pray: