Monzo for Android - Teardowns & Deep Dives 👨‍💻



I’m feeling very attacked right now. :joy:

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Just because you’re paranoid and think that everyone is out to get you doesn’t mean that they aren’t.



I think I need… Plelp?

(Is this how it works?)


Stop it now, you’re just plumbarrassing yourself…


Version 3.39.0 - UPDATE :tada::tada::tada:

In the last few teardowns, I’ve only skimmed the assets where there were no ‘big’ new Strings/IDs. It turns out this wasn’t enough and I’ve missed a few assets related to Plus/Premium :man_facepalming: . BUT, there’s also one more asset that’s new to v3.39.0 :boom: Here we go… :roller_coaster:

Previous ones I’d missed;




The new one;



Oh, that card is pretty :heart_eyes:


Revolut, is that you?


If they’re putting that graphic in the build, it MUST be imminent!

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Oh, this has got me wanting Monzo Plus again! I can’t wait for the actual release.

I will, however, judge it based on what’s available and not on promises like last time.

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I’m calling it, plus is released July 4th to coincide with drunken purchase day :grin:



I’d go for June 30th if everything is ready now, or if not quite ready, July 7th.



OMG a card that’s a different colour, shut up and take my money :crazy_face:


I’m busy on Monday so I hope it’s Tuesday


If it’s soon, I’d probably go with a 1st July release.

We’re also due the annual report, so could be a bit of a mega news day?

Do we think if plus comes, pending open banking comes also that well move to monzo 4.0 app version?

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A holographic card?
Loving the look of that!!!

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Version 3.40.0 - More in than out! - Internal transfers, Monzo Plus tweaks, Loans & US restaurants! :us::plate_with_cutlery:

New Strings;

<string name="address_confirm_postcode_button">Confirm postcode</string>

<string name="business_signup_criteria_not_met_primary_button">Cancel Application</string>
<string name="business_signup_criteria_not_met_secondary_button">Apply Later</string>

<string name="enter_company_size_income_label">Annual income</string>

<string name="internal_transfer_dest_label">To:</string>
<string name="internal_transfer_incorrect_amount">Enter an amount from your available balance</string>
<string name="internal_transfer_move_money">Move money</string>
<string name="internal_transfer_pick_account">Pick an account</string>
<string name="internal_transfer_prompt_text">How much would you like to move between your accounts?</string>
<string name="internal_transfer_select_destination">Select destination account</string>
<string name="internal_transfer_select_source">Select source account</string>
<string name="internal_transfer_src_label">From:</string>

<string name="locked_balance_label">+%s</string>

<string name="order_card_overview_waived_fee_content_description">%1$s, %2$s. Was %3$s, now %4$s</string>

<string name="plans_buy_button_text">Get %s</string>

<string name="plans_features_footer">Remember, you’re upgrading your &lt;b>UK personal account&lt;/b> by getting %s</string>
<string name="plans_features_text">%s features</string>

<string name="transaction_action_loan_payments_action">Payments</string>

<string name="transaction_how_do_us_restaurants_charge">How do US restaurants charge?</string>

<string name="transaction_loan_credit_agreement">Your Credit Agreement</string>
<string name="transaction_loan_how_does_it_work_label_0">What is this again?</string>
<string name="transaction_loan_how_does_it_work_label_1">How am I paying for this?</string>
<string name="transaction_loan_how_does_it_work_label_2">What happens if I don’t pay?</string>
<string name="transaction_loan_how_does_it_work_label_3">What if I change my mind?</string>
<string name="transaction_loan_how_does_it_work_text_0">It’s a type of short-term loan called a ‘fixed-sum loan agreement’. We’ve lent you some money that you’re automatically paying back in monthly instalments.</string>
<string name="transaction_loan_how_does_it_work_text_1">We automatically take your monthly repayments from your Monzo account.</string>
<string name="transaction_loan_how_does_it_work_text_2">If you don’t have enough to cover your full monthly repayments of %1$s, your payment won’t go through unless you have an arranged overdraft with us. If you can’t make a monthly repayment at all, we’ll report you to our Credit Reference Agency. That might affect your credit rating and make it harder for you to get credit in future.</string>
<string name="transaction_loan_how_does_it_work_text_3">You can cancel this loan within 14 days of signing your agreement. You’ll just need to pay back the amount we lent you, plus any interest, within 30 days of telling us you want to cancel. You can see how much you owe by tapping the ‘%1$s’ item on your home screen, or by asking us through the app chat.</string>
<string name="transaction_loan_how_does_my_loan_work">How does my Loan work?</string>
<string name="transaction_loan_how_does_stc_work">How does Spread the Cost work?</string>

<string name="transaction_loan_left_to_pay_label">Total left to pay</string>
<string name="transaction_loan_left_to_pay_subtitle">Over the next %1$s</string>
<string name="transaction_loan_payments_header">Payments</string>

<string name="transaction_loan_see_all">See All (%d)</string>
<string name="transaction_loan_show_less">Show less</string>

<string name="transaction_loan_total_paid_label">Total paid so far</string>
<string name="transaction_loan_total_paid_subtitle">You’ve paid %1$s of %2$s</string>
<string name="transaction_loan_your_loan_header">Your Loan</string>
<string name="transaction_loan_your_stc_header">Your Spread the Cost</string>

<string name="transaction_usd_restaurants_info_general" />
<string name="transaction_usd_restaurants_info_title">Restaurants in the USA</string>

Removed Strings;

<string name="add_salary_option_reminder_success_subtitle">We’ll send you a notification so you don’t forget to add your salary</string>
<string name="add_salary_option_reminder_success_title">All done</string>
<string name="add_salary_option_reminder_title">Remind me later</string>

<string name="card_replacement_select_card_primary_button_format">Choose %s</string>

<string name="deep_link_signup_stage_complete">add_salary_complete</string>
<string name="deep_link_signup_stage_skip">add_salary_skip</string>

<string name="payments_payee_warning_body">Could this payment be to someone trying to scam you? If you have any doubts (for example you don’t personally know the recipient), &lt;a href=>get some advice&lt;/a>. &lt;br />Bear in mind that once you make a payment, it’s almost impossible for us to get the money back.</string>
<string name="payments_payee_warning_checkbox">I understand</string>
<string name="payments_payee_warning_title">New payee warning</string>

<string name="plans_additional_features_heading">Also included</string>
<string name="plans_buy_button_text">Choose %s</string>

<string name="plans_explore_button_hint">UK personal accounts only</string>

<string name="salaries_button_reminder">Remind me later</string>

New ID’s (lovin’ the small print…);

<item type="id" name="accountHeaderPillContainer" />

<item type="id" name="amountInputCurrencyTextView" />

<item type="id" name="criteriaRecyclerView" />

<item type="id" name="featuresFooter" />

<item type="id" name="headlineFeatureTopBarrier" />

<item type="id" name="homeCardHeaderPillLabel" />
<item type="id" name="homeCardHeaderPillLeftImage" />

<item type="id" name="internalTransferAccountDivider" />
<item type="id" name="internalTransferAccountsLayout" />
<item type="id" name="internalTransferAmountInput" />

<item type="id" name="internalTransferButtonsFooter" />
<item type="id" name="internalTransferDestAvatarsView" />

<item type="id" name="internalTransferDestClickableArea" />
<item type="id" name="internalTransferDestDetailsTextView" />
<item type="id" name="internalTransferDestLabelTextView" />

<item type="id" name="internalTransferDestNameTextView" />

<item type="id" name="internalTransferScrollingContent" />
<item type="id" name="internalTransferSrcAvatarsView" />

<item type="id" name="internalTransferSrcClickableArea" />
<item type="id" name="internalTransferSrcDetailsTextView" />
<item type="id" name="internalTransferSrcLabelTextView" />

<item type="id" name="internalTransferSrcNameTextView" />

<item type="id" name="internalTransferSwapAccountsButton" />

<item type="id" name="planFeatureDetailBannerShimmer" />

<item type="id" name="productDetailsSubscription" />
<item type="id" name="productDetailsSummary" />
<item type="id" name="productDetailsTagline" />

<item type="id" name="smallPrintText" />

Removed ID’s;

<item type="id" name="accountNumberText" />

<item type="id" name="addMoneyAccNumberTitle" />
<item type="id" name="addMoneyAccountNumber" />
<item type="id" name="addMoneyBodyText" />

<item type="id" name="addMoneySortCode" />
<item type="id" name="addMoneySortCodeTitle" />
<item type="id" name="addMoneyTitleText" />

<item type="id" name="aerInterestRateText" />

<item type="id" name="allowContactsButton" />

<item type="id" name="answerText" />

<item type="id" name="answersRecyclerView" />

<item type="id" name="buttonContainerBorder" />

<item type="id" name="contactsHeartImage" />

<item type="id" name="contactsTitleText" />

<item type="id" name="createButton" />

<item type="id" name="enterPostCodeHelperText" />

<item type="id" name="friendsBodyText" />
<item type="id" name="friendsContactCheckBox" />
<item type="id" name="friendsContactView" />
<item type="id" name="friendsHeartImage" />
<item type="id" name="friendsLoadingErrorView" />
<item type="id" name="friendsMonzoRecyclerView" />

<item type="id" name="friendsTitleText" />

<item type="id" name="groupedFeatureLeftItemDetail" />

<item type="id" name="intlPayeeWarningCheckboxListItem" />

<item type="id" name="payeeWarningCheckbox" />
<item type="id" name="payeeWarningCheckboxListItem" />
<item type="id" name="payeeWarningCheckboxText" />
<item type="id" name="payeeWarningInformationCard" />
<item type="id" name="payeeWarningInformationContainer" />
<item type="id" name="payeeWarningInformationDivider" />

<item type="id" name="personalisedSignupQBodyText" />
<item type="id" name="personalisedSignupQTitleText" />

<item type="id" name="planDrawerPriceTag" />

<item type="id" name="potDescriptionText" />

<item type="id" name="potProviderImageView" />

<item type="id" name="potTypeText" />

<item type="id" name="savingsBodyText" />

<item type="id" name="savingsTitleText" />

<item type="id" name="sortCodeText" />

<item type="id" name="walletImage" />

New Assets;







Changed Assets;


Removed Assets;