Monzo and the Pride flag

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Sorry, didn’t want to hijack this thread. It’s a very interesting read.

I don’t think you need to ask Brenda. Apparently you can just be some person who “feels they can bring something to it”, ask a bunch of randoms on the internet to bung you fifty quid each, and then tell Monzo this represents an entire nation now and would they please mind changing their icon thank you very much the community has spoken.


Speaking of which, where is the OP? :confused:

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I never got asked. My partner never got asked. No queer person I know was consulted on this so I struggle to understand how you can say it’s “what has been decided on by the community”.

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I just don’t get it. The rainbow flag, for me, stands for diversity. Not “lesbians and gays who are cis gender and white”. But diversity. Including all who identify and align under the “LGBT+” umbrella.

The chevron is surplus to requirement and as others have pointed out has the potential to marginalise other groups who aren’t being singled out in the new design.

At least the designer made a nice tidy sum on Kickstarter and from his online store, eh? I notice on his website it states only a “portion” of profits go to charity, not all profits.

Edit: so yeah, I don’t see the point of changing the app icon to further a “movement” which is in my view pointless, marginalising and potentially lining the pockets of the designer.


Is it just me or does it look like someone is taking a :poop: on the LGBT flag, albeit in a very abstract way?

I’m flying the Philly flag now


because I kneel with my Asian, black and other minority ethnic people, and because racism is, disgustingly, still endemic in the LGBTQ+ community (as if we all don’t have enough battles to fight!) but that’s because I view those two movements coming together at the moment.

Eh, unconstrained self-identification never ends so a stripe for every identity is completely impractical and will never end. Just saying…

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Monzo but with the asexual flag.

Depends on who you ask if asexual people are LGBT, I think as a asexual person we are but go figure.
I don’t really care I just prefer not to be called queer.

I hang around with a load of femboys on twitter so I’m most likley not the best example.

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I’m mostly on your wavelength here. I too would probably be considered asexual, but my sexuality is not something I’ve ever explored (I don’t like people and I’m quite content with being alone), and I’m not fond of labels so I don’t really care. I’m just me.

I think their comment was playing on the stereotype typically associated with queers in that they have an eye for design, so I don’t think any offence or generalisation of the whole community of people who fall under the spectrum represented by the flag was intended.

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I’ve liked being alone but I’ve recently formed a close friendship with someone but its like a very close friends sort of situation. (Talking to each other, drinking and smoking together and just having a good time)

Both of us have no interest in sex.

I like being alone alot of the time and pretty much never talk, some people have said this is due to my abusive home situation but i’m not too sure. Coming out is not a option.

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Throwing my hat into the ring:

The pride flag is designed to encompass all.
The Philadelphia flag (6 tone rainbow plus black and brown stripes) is designed to encompass all, with a specific focus on BAME LGBTQ+ people and anti-racism.
The progress flag (one being discussed here) is designed to be a retrospective on where we’ve been (in most western world countries many LGBTQ issues have been resolved. Not all but a lot) and what we still have to do (anti racism, and supporting the fight that is still ongoing for our trans siblings). That’s why it’s a chevron - it’s indicating the march forwards and it’s why it’s the progress flag, as we’ve not finished yet.

None of these flags were ever designed to overwrite the others, they’re all equally valid and important for completely different reasons and are appropriate in different contexts.
The 6 tone pride flag is just as important as it’s always been and is still widely accepted as the flag that represents the entire LGBTQ+ community. The progress flag is important, but was never meant to be a replacement for the 6 tone rainbow, and to try and push this is naive.

side note on 'Community'

side note that we’re a community, not an organisation, not anything else. Someone making a flag design or an article or a mandate of their personal beliefs is not a statement on everyone’s thoughts, just as these are just my own - but reflective of those in my community

Bearing all these things in mind, an 11 colour flag is not the appropriate choice of flag for an app icon. The monzo icon doesn’t need to show colours of certain types to be shown as progressive, and not doing this isn’t a bad thing. There’s potentially a lot of harm here as it erases a lot of work done within the community in the past

side note from a design perspective

Taking my queer jeweled tiara off and putting my thinking cap on - it just doesn’t work the same. 6 colours is a LOT and slapping more colours onto something, anything, but especially something this small is usually a bad decision as it all gets lost in the wash. The rainbow flag is elegant as not only is it simpler in terms of colours and design, but it’s also so basic you can reduce it down to JUST A COLOUR SCHEME. That’s why you get pride branded everything, and it’s why monzo can make a pride app icon that looks distinctly pride but also distinctly monzo. The progress design simply does not have the range to be applied to anything else other than as a background, and that’s tacky. A 6 tone rainbow will always be prettier and work to serve its purpose better.

To close out, I’d like to reference a video discussing the growing use of this flag, and certain members of the community pushing it as the One True Flag™ -


And now we have the real reason for the redesign.

If it was pride org (Is that a thing?) doing it themselves and the money goes towards their charity etc etc then that’s great, someone shouldn’t be taking a cut from this sort of thing.