Monzo and crypto

Are they crypto friendly? ive not searched the chat so this has been posted before… ive not read it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:Just wanna know before opening potential business acc. Thanks in advance guys & girls

no one know? If someone sees this who knowe, please respond. Id very much appreciate it :cowboy_hat_face::kissing_heart::hugs:

You can ignore the 3DSecure part. Monzo works with this now.

I would imagine it is still more likely to trigger Anti-Money Laundering flags though for large amounts.

If you’re looking to open a business account you’ll have to join the waitlist and I would mention your use of cryptocurrency when you apply.

Monzo should be fine for small amounts, I’ve bought crypto with my Monzo card with no issues.
If you are doing a lot of buying and selling then I’d go with Revolut as it is the most crypto friendly EMI/fintech account.

that an online UK bank my freind?

how much with a current account can you transfer daily? without flagging anything?

Yes, its similar to Monzo but they aren’t technically a bank since they don’t have a UK banking licence but it functions the same way.

I don’t know, you would need to ask Revolut customer support.

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ok thanks :grin:

hey, are you employed by mozo? its just that i notice the “help” sign…

I’m not. The person I quoted in my reply is though.

i wouldnt be using coinbase… local bitcoin would be site of choise…

You might find this useful:

Bunq and Revolut are known to be the most crypto friendly mobile banks.

ok thanks buddy

cheers josh, be sure to give it a look at :grin:

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just that one you mentioned resoult or whatever its called… lol i look into that… you need to apply online?

bunq? that uk bank?

Just download their app and apply through it, it’s the same as setting up a Monzo account.
Bunq is a Dutch bank but anyone can open an account.

photo id required? i dont like ID but would get a provisional if it meant i could trade crypto :wink:

Pretty much every bank requires you to sign up with a passport.