Moneybox app integration

(Miles Norris) #21

Please make this integration happen. 2 greats products. But I think i’ll stop using monzo until they are integrated.

(Matt Dell) #22

This is something I’d really like to see happen! I use both apps and I’m only getting about 10% of my transactions into Moneybox because I use Mondo for the other 90%.

(Tom Scott) #23

Seems like discussions have taken place but no real timescales on this?

(Alex Sherwood) #24

I spoke to Jonas (Monzo CTO) about this last night, there’s definitely no fixed timescale at this point.

(Tom Scott) #25

That’s a shame. I will probably hold off on using Monzo regularly until that integration happens to be honest.

(Tom Spooner) #26

Would definitely be great if this happens. I used Monzo as my main everyday spending card so currently don’t get many round-ups for Moneybox. Integration please. :slight_smile:

(Justin ) #27

Following. I’d like to see integration with Moneybox app too.

(Damien Hogan) #28

+1 really cant wait for the moneybox integration.

(Mimi) #29

Another vote from me - Moneybox + Monzo! (Monzobox?)

(Matthew Baldwin) #30

Moneybox is ready for Monzo… It will be great to see this integrated sometime in the near future!

(Andrew McAllister) #31

Really need this in my life. All the little purchases that I make which are most pertinent for Moneybox are on my Monzo card. Would be fantastic if the two could be used in conjunction.

(Jake Story) #32

Another vote for this - I’m a huge Monzo fan and I’m saving with Moneybox, but I can only imagine how powerful it would be for me if these two were integrated.

(Ben Green) #33

I am and advocate of the idea, but the sad reality is that the economy is just too unstable for me to use an investment savings account now.

(Richey) #34

Keeping this bumped. Moneybox is a superb app - and I’m not concerned about wider economic factors at the moment, because it allows users to set their own levels of risk exposure.

(Ben Green) #35

No need to keep this one bumped, because it’s not Monzo who need to develop the integration but MoneyBox. They’re working on it :slight_smile:

(Alex Sherwood) #36

Following on from Ben’s comment, it’s good for MoneyBox to be able to see how much interest there is in an integration, from Monzo users but :heart:'s (likes) are better than comments here, to save other users seeing the post again

Sending a tweet to @moneyboxteam is probably even more effective though :slight_smile:

(Matthew Farrington ) #37

This is exactly the same reason that im currently being put of using my monzo card at the moment.

(Matthew Farrington ) #38

I would love this to be integrated into Monzo. But cannot be done until Monzo creates a way to use direct debits which ill imagine wont be done until Monzo becomes a new bank. Which i hope will be real soon as this is the only thing now putting me of using my Monzo card because i can’t use the moneybox feature.
Hopefully @tom and others will look into integrating a formal bank and direct debits real soon so we can start using this feature.

(Ben Green) #39

You can view the roadmap to keep track of upcoming features here.

(Richey) #40

One of their guys told me the ball was in your court… I’ll sit tight and wait and see what happens.