Moneybox app integration

Please make this integration happen. 2 greats products. But I think i’ll stop using monzo until they are integrated.

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This is something I’d really like to see happen! I use both apps and I’m only getting about 10% of my transactions into Moneybox because I use Mondo for the other 90%.

Seems like discussions have taken place but no real timescales on this?

I spoke to Jonas (Monzo CTO) about this last night, there’s definitely no fixed timescale at this point.

That’s a shame. I will probably hold off on using Monzo regularly until that integration happens to be honest.

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Would definitely be great if this happens. I used Monzo as my main everyday spending card so currently don’t get many round-ups for Moneybox. Integration please. :slight_smile:

Following. I’d like to see integration with Moneybox app too.

+1 really cant wait for the moneybox integration.

Another vote from me - Moneybox + Monzo! (Monzobox?)

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Moneybox is ready for Monzo… It will be great to see this integrated sometime in the near future!

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Really need this in my life. All the little purchases that I make which are most pertinent for Moneybox are on my Monzo card. Would be fantastic if the two could be used in conjunction.

Another vote for this - I’m a huge Monzo fan and I’m saving with Moneybox, but I can only imagine how powerful it would be for me if these two were integrated.

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I am and advocate of the idea, but the sad reality is that the economy is just too unstable for me to use an investment savings account now.

Keeping this bumped. Moneybox is a superb app - and I’m not concerned about wider economic factors at the moment, because it allows users to set their own levels of risk exposure.

No need to keep this one bumped, because it’s not Monzo who need to develop the integration but MoneyBox. They’re working on it :slight_smile:

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Following on from Ben’s comment, it’s good for MoneyBox to be able to see how much interest there is in an integration, from Monzo users but :heart:'s (likes) are better than comments here, to save other users seeing the post again

Sending a tweet to @moneyboxteam is probably even more effective though :slight_smile:


This is exactly the same reason that im currently being put of using my monzo card at the moment.

I would love this to be integrated into Monzo. But cannot be done until Monzo creates a way to use direct debits which ill imagine wont be done until Monzo becomes a new bank. Which i hope will be real soon as this is the only thing now putting me of using my Monzo card because i can’t use the moneybox feature.
Hopefully @tom and others will look into integrating a formal bank and direct debits real soon so we can start using this feature.

You can view the roadmap to keep track of upcoming features here.

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One of their guys told me the ball was in your court… I’ll sit tight and wait and see what happens.