Moneybox app integration

(Matthew Farrington ) #38

I would love this to be integrated into Monzo. But cannot be done until Monzo creates a way to use direct debits which ill imagine wont be done until Monzo becomes a new bank. Which i hope will be real soon as this is the only thing now putting me of using my Monzo card because i can’t use the moneybox feature.
Hopefully @tom and others will look into integrating a formal bank and direct debits real soon so we can start using this feature.

(Ben Green) #39

You can view the roadmap to keep track of upcoming features here.

(Richey) #40

One of their guys told me the ball was in your court… I’ll sit tight and wait and see what happens.

(Ben Green) #41

Yeah I think Monzo are still working on the public API and will need to add support for direct debits and faster payments, which are the roadmap previously linked. Once that’s all done then MoneyBox will be able to develop their integration. Pretty much the same story for any other third-party developer really.

So yeah it is kind of up to Monzo at the moment.

(Richard Merchant ) #42

Would like to see Monzo in the round up feature on Moneybox. It do doesn’t need direct debit access just read permissions and ability to withdraw.

(Alex Sherwood) #43

It’s actually the ability to withdraw that’s coming later. Direct debits & read access are currently due in the next 6-9 months, if I’m right in assuming that the bank launch also means the launch of the open API, which will include read access.

Updates on the status of the API are being posted here but obviously there will be a blog post when the first stable version is launched.

(Christopher J. Sladdin) #44

Love the idea of Moneybox integration with Monzo - I signed up to the former today. Think there is probably scope for greater integration than just setting up the API read and direct debit setup as is used with other banks though. Maybe some sort of integrations store within Monzo where you can connect to your Moneybox (or other service) account and then have extra features enabled in Monzo? For example, you could have a button on each transaction detail page which allows you to round up that transaction within the Moneybox app, a quick top-up to Moneybox option somewhere, etc.

(Ben Green) #45

Would also be good read the balance of the various investments and a history of their performances.

Tom also has talked in a video about a script that would enable him to pull money back from his savings account into Monzo.

(Roman Simonov) #46

Please make this integration happen. 2 greats products. But I think i’ll stop using Monzo until they are integrated.

(Andrew) #47

Use Monzo for my daily transactions, so it would be great to see a collaboration with Moneybox! My other account is more of a savings account, so struggling to get full use out of Moneybox at the moment, and therefore would love to see this collaboration happen in the near future!

(Anelda Grové) #48

Hi there,

I Have just signed up for MoneyBox and very excited about using it to save. Is there an update as to when MonyBox will be integrated with Monzo?


(Harry McLaverty) #49

Signed up to MoneyBox, looks like a great service that will complement Monzo very well indeed!

(David Lynn) #50

Got excited by the sound of moneybox and then realised it is iPhone only thus far. Will be interesting when this is released on Android.

(Stephen Kinkaid) #51

This needs to happen - effectively I’m using Nationside again and stopping using Monzo as I cannot do the round up with Monzo

I asked Moneybag and they said their API is ready but Monzo’s is not ready. They are saying Monzo are causing the delay. Any chance this can happen?

Will also shoot a message from my Monzo app as well to see if there is any update on this

(rachael kendrick) #52

I’d also love to see a Moneybox integration happening. I still use my Monzo card for day to day spend, but I’d really like to use Moneybox as its intended!

(Mikey Emery) #53

Love Monzo but much more focused on saving.

I won’t be using my Monzo account until there is an integration so keep me posted…

(Simon jelinek) #54

Would love to see an integration and would mean that I would use monzo more. Any idea on when this will happen?

(Brett Ward) #55

Would be great to see Monzo integrated with Moneybox ASAP, its a shame it isn’t already :frowning:

(Alison Philpott) #56

It would be awesome to get this functionality up and running as soon as possible - would love to be able to use Monzo more :slight_smile:

(Jamie Lovelock) #57

+1 Please push this up the backlog. :wink: