Monetising customer data

See the diagram below and let me know how you guys thing abt itIMG_20181216_084721

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It’s too dark, and it’s been rotated through 90 degrees.


Use the flash on your phone and we should be able to see it :+1::sunglasses:

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Are you the guy who asked about selling your data to Tom in the recent Q&A?

Nopes, But what i am proposing is not tonsell, but carefully utilising the data for Cutomers benefit.
I can explain in detail if you want. AM a CrowdFunding Investor myself for Monzo


I think presentationally anything labelled “monetising customer data” is an absolute non starter.

I don’t really understand what the proposition is, I’m afraid, but any wholesale selling of data would eliminate trust and kill the Monzo project dead in the water, in my view.

Something more nuanced - like Monzo using the data it holds to recommend (for example) the best electricity provider, is perfectly possible. Indeed, I think it might be the plan.


I might not be understanding this correctly but this is my interpretation.

You propose that Monzo harvest all public data on their customers (not sure how or where from) and then sell that to advertisers to show relevant products? Kind of how Facebooks advertising platform works?

The very fact of seeing this written down is making me shudder. Just to comfort myself, this definitely isn’t Monzo strategy (as far as I am aware etc etc)!


Yes, the last Sentence is more to what i am proposing.
I probably did not use the right term - yeah Monetising brings in Regulators and scares of Customers.

What i am saying is , we have lot of customer data … and NPI/MNPI are strictly off the table, only PI.
So how can we use PI.
Create a Platform for connecting Products(Financial/Non Financial) to Monzo’s Customer in a discreet way.

Could you explain what NPI and MNPI are, please?

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So you want Monzo to discreetly target ads at their customer base? That’s exactly how Facebook began to lose users but it is something I expect from social media websites, not my bank…

God. I hope no one from The Times is reading this. They’ll be producing another false click bait article.


I feel the same and would hope that Monzo don’t ever do this :flushed:

I don’t think it is possible to harvest public data either. Not without any accuracy anyway. The only reason Facebook can do this is because people voluntarily give them data.

Lets Take an example ,
Adverts Post Add Freely on a Platform.( Some basic data they enter for us to apply Machine learning/AI)
Monzo Rule Engine/Filter engine will Pick Adds which are relevant to us , as monzo know what demographics it has, how much over all customer spends a month on fmcg, white goods.

Once this is done, a Rest Service will pick the advt data and post it to Monzo side of DB , the products.

Now a Rule Engine which is internal will run as per Specific customer , if they have signed up for Proposed interest tab and post that advt on that Tab in a non intrusive way.
Each advt would have a unique GUID one posted on Customers interest tab to trace it back to claim money from when eventual product trans action happens.

Non Public Info / Material Non Public Info.

These are the classification of data that can uniquely identify the user.

Non public info and data that can uniquely identify users is also pretty heavily regulated since GDPR. Not to mention how many people would not be comfortable with their bank (lets remember that Monzo is officially a bank now) harvesting personal information to target advertisements?

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Yeah if this ever happens I’d be switching my ass outta here.