Metro bank hands back £50 million of RBS grant money

If metro bank is handing back £50 million of the £120 million it got from the Banking Competition Remedies hopefully this means the committee can allocate it properly this time and maybe allocate some or all of it to Monzo


It will be interesting to see what happens to the cash now

Maybe this is why I was asked a survey on my opinion on Metro Bank :thinking:

I’d imagine quite a few other banks will want to know what happens now.

Metro Bank has now given back the £50 billion Let’s hope they open up pool A to new entrants so Monzo can apply

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50 million ? my biased opinion would be to allocate it to Monzo , who now have a business account offering - the aim of BCR was to improve business banking competition , to simply give it to Starling doesnt achieve that


50 million ? My biased opinion is that it should be channeled elsewhere to where its needed more right now… ya know like the NHS? (I know, I know it’s not how it works!)

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but what would you do with the extra 4 hours in the day that the £50,000,000 funds in the NHS (£134,000,000,000 / 365 / 24 ) ? rather than the one time funding of promoting more competition in business accounts to help build new businesses to pay more tax to fund the NHS


Seriously? Right now. NHS need the money. RIGHT NOW.

Long term will take care of yourself. I’m leaving this nonsense conversation.

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sorry you feel its a “nonsense conversation” but yes seriously :slight_smile: the NHS depends on taxpayers money , Government money is generated by businesses employing workers who then pay tax for the Government to spend , what would you spend the £50,000,000 on “RIGHT NOW” for the NHS that will make that much difference, as I said its 4 hour running costs , what will that extra 4 hours do ? where would you put that £50,000,000 right now to increase the NHSs capabilities , do we have thousands of trained nurses that are just waiting to come back in to the NHS for the “right” wage this morning , do we have newly manufactured Ambulances just waiting to be bought , along with the highly skilled staff to run them , maybe a £50 bonus for each of the NHS 1 million workers , tell me what you would spend it on right now ?


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