Metal card should be silver

The metal card that comes with Monzo Premium should lose the white cover.
If the metal card was purely metal/silver metallic it would look much sleaker, the white cover makes it look as if it’s just white plastic until it starts to chip off and then it looks messy.

I think it should be three times as large. A real conversation starter.


I think it should be solid silver and have one edge that you can use as a knife.


I had the mental card for a long time, and fully agree silver / metal without colouring would make it look much better. I adopted the plastic cards again due to the cost of losing metal. However have now never lost my plastic card :rofl::rofl:

The white did subtly scratch, so when compared with friends metal AMEX it did look a little shabby.

I am very aware spending money on a metal bank card is definitely a vanity project, and because of that I have these opinions… :pancakes:

I wouldn’t go that far…


I’ll have you know I spent a whole 10 minutes re-watching this just now and what of it.

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I bet you could whip it through one of those knife sharpeners to get a wicked edge on it

Did I say vanity, I meant personal security!