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Anyone able to explain what determines whether a transaction gets a brand logo or not?

E.g. DDs have gone out for Sky and EE but neither have their associated logos and just have the default Monzo placeholders.

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As I understand it, direct debits are not yet subject to the merchant logo functionality that regular card transactions make use of. It’ll be on it’s way, I’m sure.



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It does bug me too, but I’m sure its all on the way :slight_smile:

EE is particularly annoying just because it says ‘EE & T-MOBILE’… It should just be ‘EE’ now, as T-Mobile has disappeared entirely as a brand from the UK since 2015… But thats not Monzo’s fault, as right now it looks like Monzo is just automatically pulling the name straight from the Direct Debit itself. Its EE themselves who haven’t updated the name of their Direct Debit!

You also can’t add notes or ‘split cost using Monzo.Me’ (might be handy for some people who need to split utility bills with housemates etc) but its still early days for the current account, I’m sure its all in the pipeline! :slight_smile:


True enough about T-Mobile!

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We have a lot of work to do on Direct Debits, for sure in terms of UI/UX. Lots of improvements to come :grinning:



A few people have talked about a calendar function. Would be good when allied to burn down chart.

I say good, I might mean alarming depending on time of year and outgoings!



T-Mobile is still a brand even if it’s not sold any longer. There are reasons that I can’t disclose here that direct debits are still EE & T-Mobile but you are quite correct in saying that it’s that way because EE haven’t changed them.

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If I recall correctly EE have to keep the T-Mobile and Orange brands due to competition and mergers commission blocking merger if they didn’t.


I’m afraid that’s not right either.

T-Mobile and Orange have effectively already been phased out in the U.K although existing customers continue to be supported on both of those brands until they move across to EE. New contracts are not able to be taken out on either of these brands as of the 28th of February 2015. The only agreement to the CMA was that a percentage of spectrum would have to be handed back and that a mast sharing agreement with Three U.K. would have to have been reached, which it was and is now called MBNL.

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