Manual expense entry

I’m glad I’m not the only one requesting this feature.

This is the first full calendar month since I went #fullMonzo so I was really excited to make the fullest use of summary and targets. However, my whole budget was skewed as I was given a reasonable (~£100s) amount of cash at the beginning of the month. If I were using a high street bank, I’d deposit the cash and spend on my card. As it is, I am now spending the cash on my day-to-day transactions.

This is frustrating, as I now have a lot less visibility of my spending and I will have to wait until the next full calendar month to properly assess my finances.

If I were able to manually log these transactions, I could keep much more accurate records and make better use of Monzo’s budgeting tools.

As other members have commented, this would also be useful for spending that has to be cash - e.g. some parking places and buses, leaving cash out for our cleaner etc.

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I’ve only been using Monzo for a week and being able to split transactions strikes me as the most obvious essential feature that it almost hurts.

For example If I take £20 out of the cashpoint I want to assign £10 for parking (transport) and £10 to groserys.

Or when I go to Aldi I might want to put £10 as grocery’s and £10 as entertainment since I spent half of my money on procecco.

Do we have word on if this feature is in the works?

Best, Hayden