Managing spending across multiple cards

Generally something like:


  • all my work spending for expenses management.
  • most biggish things - for that glorious S75.
  • online shopping for bigger things.


  • All the day to day spending.
  • direct debits, and recurring monthly bills.
  • pots for saving / E fund.

Monzo Joint

  • all the Joint day to day spending.

Another Joint

  • all the recurring joint bills

Keep talking about combining the joint accounts but Ms Library doesn’t seem to use Monzo like I do so we never have.


AMEX, because BA Points / companion voucher. Generally Credit Card to both buffer big spends from my account balance, and in the case of work expenses - never have to worry about the impact of work spending.

But only use it for the bigger stuff.

Only the BA companion voucher. Seems the best thing out there, and by and large my work expense get me a lot of the way there.

At the moment size of payment, really. I put my gym payment on my CC, daily travel and most other recurring things on my Monzo tho.

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We use Monzo joint purely for bill payments. Other household spend, such as groceries, is done via Starling. The separation of funds in separate accounts gives assurance that bills will be paid and makes budgeting much easier. The visibility and firewalling that using separate accounts is important to us. There is no possibility of overspending or spending bill money on groceries and vice versa. With respect to bills / groceries, whether we use Monzo, Starling, or any other bank is not that important to us; what is more important is that we use multiple, separate, joint accounts.

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Monzo joint - pretty much all discretionary spending

Monzo personal - pretty much all regular spending (i.e. direct debits, subscriptions, bills) from a committed spending pot and Flex for big purchases when I forget about or cannot use the virtual card

Monzo Flex - anything big on a website that does not do PayPal Pay In 3

PayPal Pay In 3 - anything big that is eligible

MBNA credit card - things like deposits, though it seems to fail as much as it works and then I end up using Monzo


Welcome to community Nathan! :wave:

  1. People who do their everyday spending with something other than Monzo or a credit card – why do you use the card/account that you do?
    → N/A
  1. For folks who spend to earn points of some kind, are there particular things you earn points for? And if so, what are they?
    → Avios / Nectar / Cashback
  1. What factors influence you to pay bills or regular payments from a certain card or account?
    → Usually it’s my Monzo as that’s what I get paid in.

Also. I only carry my physical Monzo Debit & AmEx. Have all my cards on Apple Wallet and use cards for when the item / purchase needs PIN verification, or I need cash, or I need a physical card (hire car/hotel (This is where physical Flex/Monzo CC, where I can collect avios/nectar would be amazing!) )

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Amex for the Avios, and companion voucher, at least 2 (almost) free return flights a year.
Although I am considering changing to the Preferred Gold Rewards credit card later this year as the points are more versatile.

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Travel, as a keen traveler the companion voucher is great. And the only thing i have to do is my regular spend to get it.

Amex offers. Amex run great offers. I just got £15 back the other day for a £150 spend at ikea for example. Also the support local scheme they do is great. Monzo offers should take note :eyes:


The amount amex receive from a merchant in fees is something monzo could only dream of, when I was involved in an old job the amex standard for merchants was 1.99% in processing (interchange) fees, and we paid roughly 0.25% for MasterCard UK debit cards and after the merchant’s processor/acquiring bank , MasterCard (and potentially Google pay ?) take their cut there is very little left for monzo to run anything close to Amex rewards.

I have heard you can negotiate with amex but are unsure on specifics and minimums, presumably square and sumup etc have negotiated better rates to offer 1.75%

See the MasterCard interchange fees


Thanks everyone, appreciate your input as always :pray:

Busy week here at Monzo HQ but I’ll try and summarise all of this for the team tomorrow.


Whatcha busy with Max? Anything exciting :eyes::joy:


I think from this I gleaned one of the following is true, or not:

  • Flex as a physical card with points is coming (or not)
  • They’re curious as to why folk have/may leave
  • They’re curious as to spending trends and habits to see how to iterate further

Either way this is really great to see. What a fascinating conversation. Thanks @Layla for starting it and @maxwhite for keeping it coming


I’d say this is as unlikely as me being next in the line of succession for the throne


Well, points, rewards, cash back. I agree unlikely, but if Monzo were to launch a Physical Flex Card (aka Credit Card) they’ll have to do something. Otherwise why would people that don’t already use Flex sign up?

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I see it as an extra for those who use Flex, not something to drive sign ups.

They could also do a flex over 6 months promo rather than hurting their bottom line when working towards profitability.


True, but Amex don’t make money from people who buy their shopping, get Avios points, then pay it off at the end of the month. Repeat.

They make money from people who buy their shopping, get Avios points, then carry that balance forward.

It’s whether Monzo want to be/attract the latter.


Yeah, I see the Flex physical card as a step towards improving the product and making it basically a credit card with a BNPL option. I think that’s probably enough to drive take-up, rather than needing to incentivise with points.

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But Amex can charge higher interchange fees than Visa/Mastercard, offsetting the measly rewards offering the UK gets. Not to mention their high annual fee cards for little benefit (compared to the US).

It’s a completely different business model.


All about the BA companion voucher for me. The Avios themselves are pitiful - easier to rack them up through the BA e-store, but the voucher makes a huge difference and enables me to justify an extra holiday than I would otherwise!

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