Making Monzo: Cheque Imaging


Likely so, but it would be pretty hilarious if we got to August and it magically appeared unheralded :slight_smile:

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What is cheque imagine?


It’s what we are all doing to find a better way of paying in cheques than posting them.

If ONLY there was a better way. Think, dammit, think…


I see! Great idea! Just think about depositing a cheque and it will be in your account within 2 working days.

Could this be part of Monzo Plus do you think?

Hi all, this conversation got a bit heated over the weekend. So I wanted to drop by with a reminder of the rules.

From our Code of Conduct:

We avoid:

  • Name-calling.
  • Ad hominem attacks (criticising a poster personally, not their post).
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  • Repeatedly making the same arguments, instead of moving on. We’ll lock threads that end up going in circles.

This thread is starting to go round in circles a bit, so we might have to close it if things continue.

As we’ve said in our most recent update…

… we’re not working on cheque imaging right now, as we’re prioritising other things. In good news: cheque processing should be speeding up anyway for other reasons.

If things change, and we restart our plans to join the scheme, we’ll let you know! Until then, let’s keep things civil :slightly_smiling_face:



Instead of limbo have you guys thought of simply saying its not happening and there are no current plans to? That puts it to bed.

Monzo are a ‘cashless’ bank, or strive to be, and cheques don’t fit into that vision. it seems in my opinion the band-aid should just be ripped off to put this to bed.

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How on earth is Monzo a ‘cashless bank’? You can withdraw cash. You can pay in cash.

As has been evidenced over and over above, people rarely request cheques, but still receive them. 346 million cheques were issued in 2018, so they are far from obsolete, however much people (wrongly) think we’re already in a ‘cashless’ society, and however people (wrongly, again) think ‘cheques = cash’.

I’d have thought digital imaging was the perfect way to convert the ‘analogue’ experience of receiving a cheque into a ‘digital’ way to bank it.

I don’t particularly care either way if Monzo supports digital cheque cashing in the future, but cheques, and Monzo as it currently stands, have nothing to do with ‘cashless’.


Primarily from a video i saw where tom discussed that cash wasn’t in their long term vision (paraphrasing). Ill need to see if i can find it again. But that’s plainly obvious even now. They have to offer cash options because there’s still customers who need them, but they offer the bare minimum and charge us for it (to deposit for example). Monzo do not warm to cash at all, and don’t see a future in it.

cashless generally referring to non-physical transactions. cheques are cash notes equivalents (pay the barer/person).

edit: thats why im saying just rip the band-aid off. Stop dangling the possibility of cheque imaging coming and just say Monzo have no interest in it for the foreseeable future. People can move on and stop pretending like something will come.

Cheques are instructions that order a bank to transfer a specific amount of money, detailed on the cheque, from the account owner of the cheque to an account owner named on the cheque.


Please don’t do that. My view is that it’ll look like you are shutting down negative conversation.

Yes, you might not be working on it. But those who think you are wrong should be allowed to continue to talk and remind…



I guess his point is that there are only two or three viewpoints now and they’re going around and around.

There are some people that think this is a good idea, but probably would not use it much themselves, there are some people that think it is essential, and some who are not that fussed.

Not much we can add pending movement from Monzo and they’ve heard the above lots of times


To follow on from @SouthseaOne summary.

Actions speak louder than words, so vote for cheque imaging here instead :slight_smile:


It doesn’t give anyone new to this any opportunity to join in.

It doesn’t give anyone the chance to keep the subject highlighted in the forum.

If people get bored of the topic it’ll shut down quietly itself. Otherwise, shutting it down I think looks bad and as if someone wants to control the narrative.

If people want to go round in circles, what harm does it do? Other than reputational for Monzo :wink:


But @SouthseaOne point still stands - Monzo have said they’re pausing not stopping and there are three responses. Want it won’t use it, Need it as a necessity, Not bothered. I don’t see these responses becoming more nuanced, or a fourth coming into play.

I think like @Ordog has said, voting for it probably has a better more “tangible” way of highlighting the need/want.

I don’t think Monzo has or would control the narrative, they have taken a lot of criticism for this decision as well as other decisions they have made - but their decision is made and for the thread to go round and round in circles, with some heated arguments being made, it breaks or could break the code of conduct - which I think we can agree no one wants.


In the wider world probably none, but it is against the code of conduct of this forum and @cookywook did take the time to explicitly state this above

There is not too much more to be added now unless and until Monzo make a new statement

There is bountiful criticsm already on this topic (some of it not justified I would say as it seems to mainly affect those who would be better suited to a business account) which will remain in place so I would not say it is stifling debate to say we need to move on or stop


Personally I’d feel this thread should be closed with a post containing a link to the other thread and the final announcement on the topic from Monzo.

The conversation should be moved over to the new thread which has the vote.

Cheque Imaging is no longer in Making Monzo, if it returns then yes merge the other thread back into this one but until then its a bit silly to dilute the discussion over 2 threads and in that case diluting the overall views to Monzo that it is a feature many people still want

Just my view of course :slight_smile: makes sense in my head might not in others


I think I’ve stirred a hornet’s nest here.

And voting for it (as has been suggested) doesn’t add any views to the debate. More will come. And the only ways we have to change their mind is to debate and discuss, not vote. [quote=“JustJordds, post:645, topic:48799”]
but their decision is made and for the thread to go round and round in circles, with some heated arguments being made, it breaks or could break the code of conduct - which I think we can agree no one wants.

Sorry but nothing I’ve seen breaks the code of conduct and - in all honesty - this debate is the bit that is.

Why not just leave it so that it naturally falls away and if anyone wants to discuss they will.

It makes absolutely no sense to me to close threads because somehow a few (not everyone) believes the debate is done or the decision is irreversible. And I’m speaking as someone who has managed these places before.

All shutting down does is discourage and control debate, IMHO.


I’m not sure what there is to debate/ discuss? Monzo have decided that for right now Cheque Imaging is paused - IMHO raising the same arguments in a cyclical nature won’t make Monzo change their tune - however “voting” for the feature shows there is an interest in it without going over the same grounds of argument/ debate would make more of an impact.

I’m going from what @cookywook said in his post above - I wasn’t on the forum over the weekend so can’t say if posts have been removed/ deleted - although the below is part of the code of conduct - I’d argue a thread going round and round in circles is likely to breach it.

The decision isn’t irreversible and I never suggested it was, what I did suggest was that raising the same arguments over and over again will be unlikely to change Monzo’s mind - what’s more is that the feature isn’t cancelled, its just been paused.

When that debate isn’t going round in circles or possibly causing a breach of the code of conduct then yes shutting it down would be bad - however where it is, it makes sense to move on.

I’m gonna stop replying. I’ve made my point and respect yours. But I think we are getting in own cycle of debate.

So hopefully it’ll remain open and dorment for any further discussion. Who knows?


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