London Capital & Finance: £236m firm collapses

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What markets?

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Technically the current risk free rate is about 1.9% for an NSI income bond or 1.8% for a Growth bond( Technically this isn’t risk free either) I’m just going to hedge that the NSI isn’t goinfg to go bankrupt

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Financial markets e.g. stocks, bonds, derivatives, commodities, etc etc.

Just saying that high returns come with high risk. As simple as that.


Are you accusing other people not to read docs when you invested in Dozens with no access to the pitch deck?

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I give up trying to explain how its proposed.

(Luke Bebbington) #46

Yeah fair enough.

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Accusing is a strong word. I hope you can see from my answers that I have already asked questions directly to satisfy my interest in a small investment in the company.

I don’t mind scepticism. It’s healthy, I’d encourage it.

Some of what I’ve read on here is simply hearsay or misunderstanding repeated as fact.


I genuinely don’t know but something somewhere leads me to believe it was a foreign investment thing so whoever was involved, probably got away scot free and will likely never be brought to book.

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That’s really sad to read. I guess a conviction wasn’t going to get their money back, but at least it would have been something.

Hope your friend is doing ok now.


Not a friend, a former work colleague from several years ago whom I’ve lost contact with. I too hope he is ok. It certainly at the time put me off from doing any business at all other than with my regular banks, hence why I’ve no interest in investments of any sort. I see the attraction in accruing wealth, obviously, but I made some pretty decent lifestyle and financial choices years ago which have allowed me to have a good level of income that allows me to fund my travels. I’ve got no one to leave anything to (except the Wife of course) if I expire before my time. Can’t take it with you lol!


I wouldn’t say that’s what’s happening. I’ve been reading or participating in discussions about Dozens across multiple forums/communities. Outside Dozens’ own community I think Monzo’s has been the most positive about Dozens.

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Could say the exact same for people who are using Revolut as their main Bank account…despite Revolut not being a Bank and individuals having no protection over the money they have with Revolut

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The terminology and way they read it out on the BBC News earlier made me think exactly of Dozens - something about a bond masquerading as a savings account

Again I do not think this is a reflection on Dozens and their model, but does make me wonder if I am personally a good enough judge of such things to move any money across to them from Marcus (where it definitely is safe)

(Splodf) #54

Tough isn’t it for both parties. The consumer and the provider.

If you’re really unsure, it might best to wait for dozens to get it’s banking license or use investment firms that are long established - the Vanguard’s, Nutmegs Wealthify etc.

(Mark) #55

Agree with your point on obtaining the Banking license etc. But saying Nutmeg and Wealthify are long established…founded in 2011 and 2014 respectively against 1975 for Vanguard… We know Vanguard can cope with volatility having survived multiple recessions as opposed to no-one knowing how the latter 2 will cope.

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They’re managing a lot of assets now. I think they’re pretty safe.

Even so if you want to go super safe, stick to Vanguard.

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Investment managers like Nutmeg etc. are also a world away from private mini-bonds. Nutmeg are investing your money into listed ETFs - not unregulated securities.

If Nutmeg went bust, your assets would still be there. They would sold down by the administrators and you would get your entire portfolio back.


Aren’t Wealthify part owned by Aviva now though? They’ve been going a while. Nothing is guaranteed with investments though, of course