Hi all! totally get the feeling of it being a bit weird being eligible for one but not the other - @daniel has given a good explanation previously which should help a bit :slight_smile:

But that’s the opposite of what is happening… they’re being more conservative on overdrafts than loans.

Our loan decisioning is using our internal model for credit risk trained for giving out loans – we are currently doing a lot of work on overdrafts to move it across to our “new platform” and use an internal model for this as well. Once this is complete many people that are not eligible for overdrafts but are eligible for loans should become eligible for overdrafts.

Basically because today overdrafts and loans are decisioned very differently there are a fair few people eligible for loans and not overdrafts (a very small proportion though). We are working to bring overdrafts across to the new platform at which point almost all of these should disappear.


I’ve recently taken out a Monzo loan and I can see that it shows the total balance (including interest) owed. I don’t really like this feature as I would prefer to see the actual balance owed + any interest charged as of yet, rather than future interest as this can change if I pay extra. I have asked about this in the in-app chat and they said that’s how it is but I just don’t think this is a great feature.

Also, the feature where it shows you how to make monthly repayments smaller makes it seem as though the interest is fixed, and just shows how much smaller monthly repayments would be, not how much you would be saving.

Also, is interest charged monthly, and will this come up on a statement?

Apologies if this has already been asked/answered, but how long after my credit report is updated with Credit Karma does Monzo synchronise this updated score?

I’m shopping for a small loan to consolidate my credit card balances and I’d love to use a Monzo loan. At the moment I’ve not been offered a Monzo loan due to my credit score, however I have recently settled three credit accounts and therefore when my next credit report is generated my score should increase substantially.

Monzo will use their own scoring system so while a change to your credit may be beneficial, it won’t necessarily correlate with any changes an external “score” might show.

I don’t know if they do a periodic reassessment like the credit agencies do so changes may not be coupled to any data update that the CRAs make.

If it’s still the same as when I got a Monzo overdraft, you may need to ask Monzo to run a new credit check.

@RobertGoacher @FlyingDutchman Monzo are taking one report every month automatically from TransUnion to help recalculate your Monzo loan score and potentially give you a better/worse offer. You won’t get any alert to say your offer has changed at the moment. They obv won’t show what their calculation are but they have said they plan to make what factors and info they have on you visible that are used towards the calculation to make sure its correct understanding. They also plan to add in functionality to recollect the answers for employment/current salary/homeowner (you need to go on chat to change these atm). They have no functionality to easily re-run the check, but have stated if its the same report being accessed then its most likely going to be the same result unless they have tweaked their calculation code.

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Thank you! That’s really helpful.

This seems correct, as I have now been approved a loan when before I was not!

Has something changed? I can no longer see the amount a loan reduces when I pay extra off nor can I see the upcoming payments section which I use if I pay a full months amounts off.

Hey Stephen, would you mind sharing what platform you’re on? :slight_smile: and what app version?

Hello, iOS, 3.0.

hmm very weird! I’ll take a look now :slight_smile:

This is what I’m seeing. It used to show upcoming payments and the amount. It changed based on how much you selected.


Yep that definitely isn’t right! :thinking: I’m hoping this is already fixed for 3.1.0, but I’ll get back to you confirming by the end of today!


Ok, yep I was right in that this will be fixed in v3.1.0, which will be out on Monday/Tuesday next week - apologies this slipped into this release! :pray:


No problem, thanks so much for the help.

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If anyone’s in TestFlight I’d greatly appreciate a triple check that this works as expected again! :grin:

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Yep, works fine for me ish. You need to tap the screen after you’ve entered the amount for it to update. In hindsight that’s not working fine, but it will update like that

But the bit where you enter the amount is a bit odd. I can’t delete the 5 until I’ve added another number after it. Then I can delete both