Leap Credit Card (Now Bits)

Stumbled across these guys https://www.imagineleap.com/

Interesting way to approach credit cards, pay a monthly subscription fee depending on what you’re balance is.

However, I’m not sure whether if you’re like me and you pay off your balance in full every month with regular cards, do you still have to pay the subscription fee?

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They should probably get an editor to give their copy a once over.




I feel like I’ve written “Apply Pay” about a million times in support chats lol. I usually notice, but perhaps 1 or 2 might have slipped out! :joy:


Sounds like a cockney trying to say “Happily Pay”


Did nobody notice this?

Setup a direct debit on your Monzo or other debit card, and make it work like a credit card!

Coincidentally, about a week ago I filled in an online survey from Barclaycard that was canvassing a very similar product to this one

Looks like the a rebrand of Fea - Fea - Credit Card


It is indeed.

I actually quite like the idea. Not sure if I’d use it though.

Similar to 118118 Money credit card.

Also, I think the monthly subscription applies irrespective of what your balance is, even if you have a zero balance. The monthly subscription is based on your credit limit, the higher the credit limit the more you pay.

Apparently it uses “Google’s exchange rate” whatever that is. I’m pretty sure Google doesn’t set its own exchange rates.

The whole thing reads a bit like someone who doesn’t quite understand how finance works decided to launch a credit card.

It’s certainly no PreeCard.

Google use Morningstar and SIX Financial Information delayed by 3 minutes according to


Interested fee model, but its just interest by another name. APR is 24%. I suppose the structure is just another way to try and confuse people, good job the law insists they show the APR so people have a way to compare to other product.

I wander if the fee is banded to apply every £100 or is prorated.

Also for ‘credit building’ cards, interest rates can be lowered with ‘good behaviour’ for want of a better way of saying it. These monthly fees seem to be fixed again irrespective of your good standing (or bad standing, if you max out your credit limit you still end up paying the same monthly fee, the same as someone who has a zero balance).

It’s a bad business model in my opinion, one that I can see as a debt spiral.

I just got a Facebook ad for these guys, inviting ‘10,000 Londoners’ to sign up to a limited edition launch. I assume they run the same ad in each big city.


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It’s now called bits :joy:


This has now become Bits and I keep seeing adverts for it on Facebook as we did when it was Leap. :eyes:

Except now it isn’t a card, it’s a borrowing app.

Not a fan of that logo at all. Comes across like a MS Paint version of the NHS logo.


I don’t mind it, it has a slight 80s/90s vibe to it. But now you mention the NHS logo… Can’t un-see. 🤦

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Signed up to the mailing list a while back out of sheer curiosity (nosiness) and received this today if anyone’s interested. :eyes:

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