It's Your Monzoversery 🎉 (it's not!)

Looks like somebody’s done an oops :see_no_evil:

On Android & iOS (Thanks @HoddzDJ for finding this! :blush:) Monzo are dishing out double bonuses for (seemingly) everybody :tada:

Except that I didn’t join Monzo in March of any year and neither did @HoddzDJ :yum:

image image

Anybody else seeing this fun new bonus? :smiley:


Yep! I’m on Android Beta v2.39.1

Definitely not my Monzoversary!


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Just checked, same for me! :partying_face:

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Stop trying to make Monzoversary happen. It’s not going to happen.


The text doesn’t really make sense. It states it’s double, but then goes on to say that you’ll get £5 each which is the standard amount.


Ive got the same, but on checking my profile. I joined June 2017

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Yeah same for me on the beta. I joined in October 2016…


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2 things :stuck_out_tongue:

  • It’s a lot wordier on Android that it is on iOS :joy:
  • The colours are ever so slightly different between the iOS & Android screenshots :eyes:

I had to check my eyes weren’t deceiving me so I pulled out a hex colour tool and it confirms it haha

iOS: #14233D
Android: #17233D

Super minor, might be a result of the screenshot process instead of the app itself but something I had to point out nonetheless :yum:

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Yep, same here, Google Pixel 2 XL with Android 9.0.

Came to say the same thing and why is the paragraph repeated twice :thinking:

Yeah this seems to be a mistake

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Discourse thinks it’s my anniversary too, or is that correct?

It would be good it it works though as I have a few people to sign up

It’s my 3rd Monzoversary next month :scream:

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